Britain’s Earthworks (Dykes) and Gazetteer

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British Scheduled Monuments
British Scheduled Monuments – Returning Soon!!

Over the course of this year we will add our detailed research on Earthworks (Dykes) with over 1500 additional sites showing for the first time all details from Scheduled Monument Report to Excavation details with Dimensions and Dates of these sites. This will be further enhanced by the addition of GE maps, Historic 1800 OS Maps and LiDAR maps and VIDEO’s showing in details the Dyke and how it look at the time of construction – all proving that POST_GLACIAL FLOODING occurred in the Mesolithic and Neolithic period of Britain’s History and rivers were still way higher than today even in the Bronze Age. Copyright:

Gazetteer – click on SM REF: (if available) for LiDAR, OS (1800s) and GE Maps of the Location, Scheduled Monuments official report and the Dykes details including a ‘Look around Video’ of the landscape during the Mesolithic period.

NameSM Ref:NGF
Three cross Dykes on Middle Hill1007525NT87318 12052, NT87321 12792, NT87403 12912
Cross dyke and two building foundations at Copper Snout1017736NT 89038 08885
Cross dyke south east of Uplaw Knowe1008275NT 91497 08479
Cross dyke, 200m south east of Hosedon Linn1008274NT 91943 08021
Cross dyke, south of Campville1011396NT 94702 02223
Spades Mire linear earthwork and section of rig and furrow1015521NT 99711 53657
Cardurnock (tower 4b) and earlier ditch system and patrol road, part of the Roman frontier defences along the Cumbrian coast1016074NY 17114 58829
Campfield (tower 2b) and associated parallel ditches and Roman road, 350m south west of Campfield Farm part of Roman frontier defences along Cumbrian coast1014918NY 19031 60785
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the track south of Kirkland House and Bowness-on-Solway in wall miles 78 and 791016021NY 23607 62026
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the access road to Glendale caravan park and the track south of Kirkland House in wall miles 77 and 781014701NY 24447 61426
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the watercourse 400m south east of Glasson and the access road to Glendale caravan park in wall miles 76 and 771014700NY 25183 60654
Hadrian's Wall vallum between east side of road at Burgh Head, and boundary south of Ash Tree Square, Burgh-by-Sands in wall miles 71 and 721018458NY 32529 59025
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the dismantled railway west of Kirkandrews Farm and the dismantled railway south east of Burgh by Sands in wall miles 70 and 711014697NY 34087 58706
Hadrian's Wall between the field boundary to the south of the site of St Andrew's Church and Eden Bank at Beaumont in wall miles 69 and 701014696NY 35151 58985
Hadrian's Wall vallum between Mill Beck and the field boundary east of Kirkandrews Farm in wall mile 691014695NY 35691 58186
Scots' Dike1016860NY 36136 73566
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the dismantled railway south of Boomby Gill and the field boundary south east of Mill Beck in wall mile 681014693NY 36491 57471
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the dismantled railway north of Knockupworth Cottage and the dismantled railway south of Boomby Gill in wall mile 671014692NY 37018 56999
Bishop's Dyke1007136NY 37305 51881
Hadrian's Wall between the east end of Davidson's Banks and road to Grinsdale and vallum between Davidson's Banks and dismantled railway in wall miles 67 and 681018309NY 37412 56694
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 66, Stanwix Bank to Stainton1007248NY 39809 56728
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundary west of Wall Knowe and Scotland Road including the Roman fort at Stanwix in wall mile 651017948NY 40298 57034
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the boundaries north of the properties on Whiteclosegate and the field boundary west of Wall Knowe in wall miles 64 and 651017947NY 40837 57676
Hadrian's Wall vallum between Drawdykes Castle and Whiteclosegate in wall mile 641017944NY 41568 58297
Hadrian's Wall vallum between the M6 motorway and Drawdykes Castle in wall mile 641017943NY 41939 58608
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between Birky Lane at Walby and the east side of the M6 in wall miles 62 and 631010980NY 42812 59342
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between Baron's Dike and Birky Lane at Walby, in wall miles 60, 61 and 62.1010979NY 44952 60674
Hadrian's Wall between the road to Laversdale at Oldwall and Baron's Dike in wall miles 59 and 601010989NY 47042 61357
The vallum between the road to Laversdale at Oldwall and Baron's Dike in wall miles 59 and 601010990NY 47083 61223
Hadrian's Wall and vallum from A6071 to The Cottage in the case of the Wall, and to the road to Oldwall, for the vallum, in wall miles 57, 58 and 591010988NY 49074 61908
The vallum between the field boundary south east of Heads Wood and the A6071 road in wall mile 571010987NY 50292 62915
The vallum between the road to Garthside and the track east of Castlesteads in wall miles 54, 55 and 561010983NY 52861 64215
Medieval dyke system and shieling west of Shap Abbey1011638NY 54299 15080
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between Banks Green Cottage and the road to Lanercost at Banks and the road to Garthside in wall miles 52, 53 and 541010997NY 55485 64413
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundary west of Coombe Crag and Banks Green Cottage and the road to Lanercost at Banks in wall miles 51 and 521010996NY 57868 64862
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundaries east of milecastle 50 and the boundary west of Coombe Crag in wall miles 50 and 511010995NY 59994 65715
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary west of Cow Green1007593NY 61236 11937
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary on Hazel Moor and two medieval shielings1007597NY 61356 10772
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary south of Cow Green1007595NY 61426 11687
Birdoswald Roman fort and the section of Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the River Irthing and the field boundaries east of milecastle 501010994NY 61452 66263
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary north of Cow Green1007606NY 61501 12514
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary at Cow Green and two medieval shielings1007594NY 61505 12023
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary at Crosby Gill1007598NY 61818 11734
Medieval dyke: part of deer park boundary at Hollins Scar1008145NY 61857 11463
Hadrian's Wall and vallum and their associated features between Poltross Burn and the River Irthing in wall mile 481015923NY 62780 66369
Hadrian's Wall, vallum, section of the Stanegate Roman road and a Roman temporary camp between the B6318 road and Poltross Burn in wall miles 46 and 471010993NY 64601 65984
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundary west of Carvoran Roman fort and the west side of the B6318 road in wall mile 461010992NY 65974 65989
Maiden Way Roman Road, Melmerby Fell from Bank Rigg northwards to Rowgill Burn1003053NY 66126 38743
The vallum between Cockmount Hill and Walltown Quarry West in wall miles 43, 44 and 451010978NY 68462 66300
Dykes and mounds on either side of Scandal Beck1007231NY 71805 05490
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the road to Caw Gap and the Caw Burn in wall miles 41 and 421010975NY 71916 66692
The vallum between the road to Steel Rigg car park and the road in Caw Gap in wall miles 39, 40 and 411010974NY 74002 66774
Waitby Castle enclosed Romano-British settlement and part of a medieval dyke1018063NY 75692 08321
Eastfield Sike medieval moated site, associated fishpond, and medieval woodland boundary banks and ditches at Burtergill Wood and Kiln Hill1018598NY 76413 16327
The vallum and a British settlement between the field boundary west of turret 37a and the road to Steel Rigg car park, in wall miles 37, 38 and 391010972NY 76692 67307
Housesteads fort, section of Wall and vallum between the field boundary west of milecastle 36 and the field boundary west of turret 37a in wall miles 36 and 371018585NY 78838 68489
The vallum and early Roman road between the field boundary east of turret 34a and the field boundary west of milecastle 36 in wall miles 34, 35 and 361010965NY 80554 69615
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundary at Brown Dikes and the field boundary east of turret 34a in wall miles 32, 33 and 341010963NY 82560 70612
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundary west of Coventina's Well and the field boundary at Brown Dikes in wall miles 31 and 321010962NY 84604 70985
Carrawburgh Roman fort and Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the field boundary east of the fort and the field boundary west of Coventina's Well in wall mile 311015914NY 85746 71169
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the road to Simonburn and the field boundary east of Carrawburgh car park in wall miles 29, 30 and 311010961NY 87219 71460
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between Chesters and the road to Simonburn in wall miles 27, 28 and 291010960NY 89572 70805
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between St Oswald's Cottages, east of Brunton Gate and the North Tyne in wall miles 25, 26 and 271018581NY 92493 69695
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between field boundary east of milecastle 24 and field boundary west of the site of turret 25b in wall miles 24 to 251010958NY 94794 69391
Cup and groove marked rock 590m north of Brier Dykes, Baldersdale1016592NY 95152 20221
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the track to Portgate Cottage and the field boundary east of milecastle 24 in wall miles 22 and 231010626NY 97047 69032
Medieval linear earthwork, enclosures and farmstead and Bronze Age burnt mound 110m and 420m north west of Heatherlea1019457NY 97532 25475
Witchy Neuk univallate hillfort and linear boundary 600m west of Hepple Whitefield Farm1008873NY 98266 99217
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the Fence Burn and the track to Portgate Cottage in wall miles 21 and 221010625NY 98763 68461
Hadrian's Wall Vallum between West End, Burgh by Sands and the eastern boundary of Dykesfield1018308NY3148759090
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between Sunnybrae at Halton Shields and Haltonchesters Roman fort in wall miles 20 and 211010623NZ 00877 68579
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the B6321 and Sunnybrae at Halton Shields, in wall miles 18 and 191017534NZ 02781 68574
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the B6309 and the B6321 in wall miles 16, 17 and 181010622NZ 05078 68302
Lordenshaw multivallate hillfort, Romano-British settlements, field system, cairnfield, cross dyke, round cairn cemetery, rock art and medieval park pale1017196NZ 05554 99220
Hadrian's Wall from Oatens Bank, Harlow Hill, to Whittle Dene Watercourse in wall mile 161010620NZ 07200 68296
The vallum between Oatens Bank, Harlow Hill, and Whittle Dene Watercourse in wall mile 161010621NZ 07214 68050
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the March Burn and Oatens Bank, Harlow Hill in wall miles 13,14 and 151010618NZ 09314 67801
Rudchester Roman fort, associated civil settlement and a section of Hadrian's Wall and vallum from the A69 to the March Burn in wall mile 131017533NZ 11538 67420
Hadrian's Wall and vallum from East Town House, Heddon-on-the-Wall to the A69 trunk road in wall mile 121010617NZ 12879 67062
Hadrian's Wall and vallum from Throckley to East Town House, Heddon-on-the-Wall in wall mile 111010616NZ 14310 66842
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 10 from Dene House to Throckley Bank Top1003796NZ 15580 66847
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 9, Blucher to Dene House1003790NZ 17196 66508
Section of the Scots Dyke linear boundary 225m south of St Martin's Priory1018143NZ 17777 00530
Section of the Scots Dyke linear boundary 250m south east of St Martin's Priory1015516NZ 17960 00592
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 8 from Denton to Blucher1003789NZ 18176 66034
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary 75m south west of Sandford House1013778NZ 18231 00856
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary and portion of field system 100m east of Whitefields Farm1013777NZ 18578 01243
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary running south from Olliver East for 550m1013779NZ 18674 02886
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary 150m ENE of Olliver1013780NZ 18731 03217
Section of Scots Dike linear boundary south of Kirklands Farm1014797NZ 19268 05896
Section of Scots Dike linear boundary north of Kirklands Farm1014798NZ 19455 06329
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary in Low Wood, Langdale1013303NZ 19489 09620
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary 250m north of Langdale1013306NZ 19498 10147
Section of Scots Dike linear boundary north west of High Merrybent1014799NZ 19503 06999
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 7, Denton section of Hadrian's Wall, Denton Turret and Hadrian's Wall at West Denton1003503NZ 19526 65695
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary 600m south east of Park House1013305NZ 19560 10356
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary, 650m ENE of Park House1013307NZ 19672 10655
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary east of Langdale Rush1014240NZ 19722 09392
Section of Scots Dyke linear boundary 235m south of Stanwick Hall Reservoir1013304NZ 19739 09148
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 7, Scotswood section of vallum 75m long at Denton Dene1003504NZ 20077 65295
Hadrian's Wall and vallum in wall mile 7, Scotswood section from Denton Road to Denton Dene1003502NZ 20197 65398
Hadrian's Wall in wall mile 7, Benwell length of vallum of Hadrian's Wall in the grounds of Benwell Hill Cricket Club1003500NZ 20535 65122
Hadrian's Wall vallum in wall mile 6, Benwell length of vallum of Hadrian's Wall in grounds of St Cuthbert's School1003498NZ 20917 64966
Urra Moor prehistoric linear boundary on the western edge of Urra Moor1015955NZ 57739 02048
Cross dyke 850m WSW of Baysdale Farm1014373NZ 60750 06650
Cross ridge dyke north of North Ings Slack and west of Hob on the Hill tumulus1015266NZ 64523 12103
High Stone Dike, southern of two cross dykes on Castleton Rigg1018770NZ 68207 03985
Northern of two cross dykes on Castleton Rigg, 600m north west of Stormy Hall1018771NZ 68318 04737
Cross dyke on Gerrick Moor, 690m north west of Black Beck Swang1016992NZ 70328 11403
Danby Rigg cairnfields, cross dykes, funerary monuments and associated features1018782NZ 70922 06384
Cross dyke on Glaisdale Rigg, 520m and 250m west of Highdale Farm1018842NZ 72954 03251
Hart Leap cross dyke on Glaisdale Rigg, 240m and 410m north of Highdale Farm1018772NZ 73504 03474
Pit alignment on Black Dike Moor, 800m south west of Nan Stone1017305NZ 74473 10662
Prehistoric cross dyke 980m west of Foulsike Farm including a standing stone known as Old Wife's Neck1019754NZ 90339 02179
Linear earthwork to the NW of the junction of the A171 and the road leading to Fylingthorpe1011961NZ 92202 04629
Linear earthwork south east of the junction of the A171 and the road leading to Fylingthorpe1011971NZ 92267 04513
Medieval dyke known as Green Dike1020116NZ 97000 00538
Kirby Bank Trod, a section of paved trackway extending 400m southwards from just east of The Warren1405913NZ5419103775
Dike, circles and cairns on Bleaberry Haws1007212SD 26727 95010
Boundary dyke W of Capon Hall1004115SD 86400 66894
Tor Dike linear earthwork1012003SD 98136 75477
Castle Dykes Henge1008878SD 98231 87289
Linear earthwork at High Harker Hill1012602SE 02368 97045
Dyke 220yds (200m) W of Dyke House1004043SE 03680 98557
Linear earthwork at Harker Mires1012617SE 03863 97427
Dyke 270yds (250m) E of Dyke House1004044SE 04322 98440
Late prehistoric enclosed settlement with an outlying bank and ditch on Counter Hill, 220m north east of Moorcock Hall1018260SE 04782 49869
Grinton ore hearth lead smelt mill, flue, fuel store and associated earthworks1016203SE 05016 96480
Late prehistoric enclosed settlement known as Round Dykes Camp on Addingham Low Moor1018259SE 05518 50121
Cairnfield, enclosures, boulder walling, hollow way and carved rocks towards edge of Snowden Carr centred at 370m south east of Crag House1014304SE 17832 51283
Fortress Dyke camp1004081SE 17891 73178
Length of Grim's Ditch immediately north of Gamblethorpe1018791SE 37489 30512
Length of Grim's Ditch extending 1.4km from a point 70m south of Cotton Road East to the south east corner of Avenue Wood1018793SE 37510 31981
Length of Grim's Ditch partly under Bullerthorpe Lane 620m north of Gamblethorpe1018792SE 37514 31062
Length of Grim's Ditch from Cotton Road East to the A63, Colton Common1018794SE 37592 32985
Length of Grim's Ditch immediately east of Barrowby Road1018795SE 37607 33438
Length of linear earthwork known as The Ridge, part of the Aberford Dyke system, 560m east of Potterton Bridge1018953SE 40811 38045
Maiden Bower and Cock Lodge: a motte and bailey castle, moated site, windmill mound and associated linear outwork1011612SE 40844 75134
Length of linear earthworks known as Becca Banks and The Ridge, part of the Aberford Dyke system, between Aberford and a quarry 590m north of Ass Bridge1016951SE 42029 38164
Length of linear earthwork, part of the Aberford Dyke system, at Green Hill between Aberford and the Aberford By-pass1016952SE 43499 37685
Length of linear earthwork, part of the Aberford Dyke system, at Field Lane between the Aberford By-pass and Humphrey Dale Cottage1019873SE 43741 37910
Linear earthwork, part of the Aberford Dyke system, extending 770m east from Humphrey Dale Cottage1016953SE 44206 38131
Linear earthworks known as Woodhouse Moor Rein and South Dyke, part of the Aberford Dyke system1016954SE 44490 37171
Medieval manorial complex, garden and water management features, St Mary's chapel, and a linear earthwork forming part of the Aberford Dyke system1020326SE 46251 36791
Section of the Cleave Dyke system on Arden Little Moor1010532SE 49280 90163
Section of the Cleave Dyke system known as the Kepwick Dyke on Arden Little Moor1013591SE 49460 90697
Section of the Cleave Dyke system on Arden Little Moor known as Steeple Cross Dyke including the Steeple Cross boundary stone1010533SE 50262 90348
Pit alignment, part of the Cleave Dyke prehistoric boundary system and round barrow 450m south east of High Paradise1015576SE 50615 88363
Section of the Cleave Dyke system near High Barn1010534SE 50713 86665
Section of Cleave Dyke, 1.4km long from Sneck Yate Plantation to east edge of Town's Pasture Wood including two pit alignments and round barrow1012746SE 50830 86510
Pit alignment forming part of the Cleave Dyke system 1000m north west of Dialstone Farm1010345SE 51133 85006
Section of Cleave Dyke prehistoric boundary on Hambleton Down and World War II bombing decoy shelters north east and north of Garbutt Farm1020105SE 51296 84488
Section of the Cleave Dyke system known as Hesketh Dike and Silver Hill round barrow1015575SE 51305 87793
Section of the Cleave Dyke system 45m east of the visitors' centre at Sutton Bank1012745SE 51687 83090
Two sections of the Cleave Dyke system, one known as the Casten Dike, and a round barrow south of Kilburn Moor Plantation1012992SE 51882 82749
Section of the Cleave Dyke system 200m south east of Yorkshire Gliding Club1012993SE 51951 81631
Section of the Cleave Dyke system, known as the Casten Dike, 300m ENE of Hambleton Inn1012743SE 52637 83152
Group of round barrows and cross ridge dyke at Sunny Bank1010528SE 52725 89298
Byland Abbey Cistercian monastery: monastic precinct, water-management earthworks, enclosures, ancillary buildings and quarries1013403SE 54679 79184
Section of cross ridge dyke and earthworks in Roman Plantation, Oulston Moor1013438SE 56392 74868
Section of cross ridge dyke and hollow way 200m north west of Pond Head Farm1013439SE 56463 74678
Linear boundary earthwork 370m east of Oscar Park Farm1019340SE 57872 87644
Double dykes on Painter Rigg1004175SE 57887 80439
Linear dyke known as Double Dikes, in Waterloo Plantation1019346SE 58412 81558
Dyke at the north eastern end of Stone Bridge Howl, 760m north west of Court House Farm1019339SE 59167 82360
Horn Ridge cross dyke, cairnfield, round cairn and prehistoric hut circles1019969SE 66009 96306
Linear dyke extending for 2.1km from Fryton West Wood to Slingsby Banks Wood1013697SE 69350 73260
Cross dyke in Scarrish Wood1013695SE 72391 72647
Linear dyke extending for 2.2km in Coneysthorpe Banks Wood1013696SE 72758 72130
Cross dyke 600m north west of Easthorpe Farm1016261SE 72925 72114
Nutholm cross dyke, 100m south of Appleton Mill Farm1018596SE 74638 87747
Blackpark cross dyke and standing stone, 330m north east of Blackpark Lodge1018594SE 75319 91034
Fall Rigg cross dyke and round barrow, 710m north of Sycamore Farm1018599SE 75820 90170
Aldro earthworks: a bowl barrow on Hanging Grimston Wold 100m west of Stone Sleights Farm1007497SE 80252 61689
Aldro earthworks: a bowl barrow on Hanging Grimston Wold 50m north-west of Stone Sleights Farm1007498SE 80342 61722
Aldro earthworks: a linear boundary, two cross-dykes and nine round barrows on Birdsall Wold1007500SE 80429 63250
The Three Dykes (or Five Riggs)1004911SE 80460 68963
Aldro earthworks: two linear boundaries and a bowl barrow on Birdsall Wold, south of Aldro Farm1007469SE 80703 62746
Aldro earthworks: a cross-dyke on Birdsall Wold, 200m west of Brown Moor Farm1007485SE 80707 62149
The Queen Dike: part of a cross-dyke 600m east of Wold Farm1007919SE 81039 61250
Aldro earthworks: a cross-dyke on Hanging Grimston Wold, 350m south-east of Brown Moor Farm1007499SE 81233 61875
Aldro earthworks: a cross-dyke on Birdsall Wold, 400m east of Aldro Farm1007455SE 81275 62771
Hanging Grimston barrow group: four bowl barrows and part of a cross dyke 600m SSW of Thixendale Grange1008484SE 81596 60315
Section of linear boundary dyke 390m west of South Wold Farm1015610SE 81601 57106
Sections of multiple linear dykes 125m south west of Cot Nab Farm1015611SE 81632 56767
A cross-dyke from Birdsall Brow to Vessey Pasture Dale incorporating two bowl barrows and a cross-dyke extending from Water Dale1007444SE 82544 62317
A cross-dyke on Birdsall Brow1007613SE 82643 63389
Section of linear boundary dyke 160m west of High Callis Wold Farm1015609SE 83012 55735
A cross-dyke in Vessey Pasture Dale1007612SE 83314 62279
A cross-dyke from Toisland Wold to Vessey Pasture Dale incorporating a bowl barrow1007614SE 83483 62531
Section of double linear boundary dyke 300m north east of Millington Grange Farm1015573SE 83519 55118
Section of linear boundary dyke on Millington Lings 625m north east of High Callis Wold1015574SE 83645 56230
Four bowl barrows and parts of two linear boundary earthworks and a cross-dyke 750m west of Wharram Percy Farm1007535SE 83788 63503
Section of double linear boundary dyke west of Far Out Field, Millington Wold1015572SE 83874 55668
Prehistoric linear boundary in Ellerburn Wood, 370m north west of St Hilda's Church1020696SE 83986 84481
Cross dyke on Far Black Rigg, 1060m north west of Black Dale Bridge1021101SE 84270 92022
Deepdale cross ridge dyke1011913SE 84344 51378
Cross dyke centred 480m south of Fox and Rabbit Farm1021170SE 84385 87750
Section of linear boundary dyke between Sylvan Dale and Warren Farm, north west of Coldwold Farm1016191SE 84387 52279
Section of linear boundary dyke on Cow Moor, Millington Dale1015571SE 84730 53667
Prehistoric dyke known as Horcum Dike1020117SE 84841 93020
Cross ridge dyke known as Gallows Dike and three round barrows 330m south west of Glebe Farm1019750SE 84877 94071
Section of single linear boundary dyke in Stable Plantation, Greenwick Dale, 400m south west of East Greenwick Farm1015563SE 84995 56428
Two prehistoric linear boundaries with associated features, 680m ESE and 880m NNE of Pexton Moor Farm1020699SE 85095 84759
East Toft Dike: a cross dyke 720m south and 680m south west of Little Marfit Head1021100SE 85265 92156
Sections of linear boundary dyke in Frendal Dale, Tun Dale, and Great Plantation, between Millington and Huggate Wolds1015561SE 85386 55518
Section of single linear boundary dyke in Great Plantation, Greenwick Dale, 250m east of East Greenwick Farm1015562SE 85530 56703
Sections of single and multiple linear boundary dykes on Huggate Pasture and Frendal Dale1015560SE 85774 55899
Cross dyke on Saltergate Brow, 750m south east of Barr Farm1021166SE 85871 94356
Section of linear boundary dyke in and extending to the north west of Farclose Plantation towards Waterman Hole1015559SE 85979 56514
Section of single linear boundary dyke east of York Lane, south east of Farclose Plantation1015564SE 86422 56096
Prehistoric linear boundary on Stonygate Moor, 550m west of Warren House Farm1020695SE 86893 84608
Part of a cross dyke with associated warrening features, 850m south east of High Rigg Farm1020651SE 86992 88223
Section of single linear boundary dyke in Horse Dale, 550m north west of Glebe Farm1015565SE 87104 56314
Prehistoric linear boundary and associated features centred 500m north east of High Bride Stones1021099SE 87501 91979
Section of a single and double linear boundary dyke in Horse Dale, and the junctions of Holm Dale and Harper Dale, north west of Northfield Farm1015566SE 88155 56966
Sections of linear boundary dyke in Harper Dale and Holm Dale, north east of Horsedale Plantation1015567SE 88276 57700
Section of linear boundary in Dalby Forest, 630m north west of Jingleby Tower1020335SE 88393 89530
Two intersecting linear boundaries in Dalby Forest, immediately west of Jingleby Tower1020336SE 88649 89064
Three embanked pit alignments and segments of a linear boundary and a medieval hollow way, 300m west of Givendale Head Farm1020830SE 88992 87480
A cross dyke on Knapton Wold, 500m west of West Farm1008381SE 89082 74415
Section of linear boundary dyke in Harper Dale Plantation north east of Northfield Farm1015568SE 89337 57614
Embanked pit alignment 130m south and 310m SSE of Jingleby House1020217SE 89341 89408
Prehistoric linear boundary in Dalby Forest, known as Dargate Dikes1020212SE 89463 91221
Scamridge Dikes: prehistoric linear boundaries and associated features1020835SE 89634 85516
Oxmoor and Givendale Dikes: prehistoric linear boundaries and associated features1020834SE 89723 87364
Section of linear boundary dyke south of Middleham Plantation and Harper Dale Plantation1015569SE 90199 58215
Embanked pit alignments, linear earthworks, round barrows and cairns on Ebberston Low Moor1019601SE 90485 89752
Sections of linear boundary dyke in Cow Dale Plantation, Rabbit Dale and Oxland Plantation1015570SE 90733 57838
Prehistoric linear boundary known as Snainton Dikes, 740m east of Ebberston Common House1020299SE 90750 89138
Prehistoric linear boundary and associated features including a medieval monastic grange, north, east and south east of Moorsome Farm1020836SE 91426 85384
Cross dyke 900m west of Backleys Farm1020534SE 91856 90348
Southern section of prehistoric linear boundary known as Rise Dikes, in Wykeham Forest1019372SE 94006 86427
Northern section of prehistoric linear boundary with intersecting hollow ways, known as Rise Dikes, in Wykeham Forest1019368SE 94169 86711
Linear earthwork running from the head of Warren Dale towards Sledmere Field Farm and associated settlement site1007736SE 94647 61478
Linear earthwork north east of Collingwood Farm1007862SE 95494 66306
The Moor Dikes and Craddlegrip Dike prehistoric linear boundaries and other prehistoric remains in Wykeham Forest1017164SE 96079 86875
Prehistoric linear boundary in Craddlegrip Wood, 900m north west of High Yedmandale1017165SE 96523 87394
The Thieves' Dikes: prehistoric linear boundaries and associated features1019627SE 97232 92942
Section of linear earthwork 200m north east of Pasture Cottages1007863SE 97482 67907
Section of linear earthwork in Pasture Plantation1007864SE 98024 68324
Skell Dikes: a prehistoric linear boundary with two associated round barrows and an adjoining pit alignment1021238SE 99312 87178
Medieval dyke known as War Dike1020118SE 99438 99960
Cross dyke in Cloughton Plantations, 550m and 890m north east of Gowland Farm1019772SE 99619 96123
Offa's Dyke: section 1300yds (1190m) long, N from Careg-y-Big1006266SJ 25189 32858
Offa's Dyke: section 200yds (180m) long, at Careg-y-Big1006238SJ 25263 32280
Offa's Dyke: section 250yds (230m) long, S of Careg-y-Big1006264SJ 25281 32011
Offa's Dyke: section 550yds (500m) long, on Bakers Hill1002933SJ 25286 31648
Offa's Dyke: section 410m long, E of Llawnt1006263SJ 25393 31173
Offa's Dyke: section one mile 1000yds (2520m) long, N of Llanforda Mill1004766SJ 25451 28726
Offa's Dyke: section 400yds (370m) long, E of Llawnt1006250SJ 25534 30897
Offa's Dyke: section two miles 780yds (3930m) long, from the stream W of Brook Cottage, Selattyn, to footpath crossing dyke W of Bron-y-Garth Also in Clwyd: Wales1004765SJ 25544 36364
Offa's Dyke: section 300yds (270m) long, N of Pentre-Shannel1003019SJ 25648 28001
Offa's Dyke: section 330yds (300m) S from Treflach Wood1004769SJ 25816 25193
Offa's Dyke: section 200yds (180m) long, S of The Royal Oak Inn1006260SJ 25884 25315
Offa's Dyke: section 90m east of Ty Gwyn1020948SJ 25931 24378
Offa's Dyke: section 220yds (200m) long, N from Royal Oak Inn, Treflach Wood1004768SJ 25935 25613
Offa's Dyke: section 300yds (270m) long, S of Pen-y-Bryn Also in Clwyd: Wales1006265SJ 26196 37328
Offa's Dyke: section 360yds (330m) long, Llynclys Hill1003014SJ 26995 23611
Old Oswestry hillfort, and two adjacent sections of Wat's Dyke1014899SJ 29574 31019
Wat's Dyke:80m long section and adjacent cultivation terraces 540m east of Oswestry Castle1020564SJ 29600 29875
Wat's Dyke: 375m long section immediately south of Middleton Road and west of Laburnum Drive1020619SJ 29679 29344
Wat's Dyke: 365m long section, extending from 45m north east of Gate House on Shrewsbury Road1020618SJ 29793 28978
Wat's Dyke: section 350m long, 540m east of Weston Farm1020562SJ 30005 28129
Wat's Dyke: 180m long section, 170m east of Pentre-wern1020560SJ 30122 32898
Wat's Dyke: 140m long section, 370m south west of Gobowen Station1020559SJ 30167 33080
Wat's Dyke, 380m long section, immediately east of the Sewage Works1020616SJ 30209 27309
Bryn-y-Castell and a section of Wat's Dyke adjacent to Preeshenlle United Reformed Church1019835SJ 30434 34061
Wat's Dyke, 420m long section, 190m west of the junction between Preeshenlle Lane and St Martin's Road1020617SJ 30487 34294
Wat's Dyke: 110m long section, 620m south east of Henlle Home Farm1020561SJ 30606 34854
Wat's Dyke, 490m long section, immediately north and south of Preeshenelle Bridge1020615SJ 30791 35599
Earl's Hill Camp: a small multivallate hillfort and an adjacent cross dyke on Pontesford Hill1020152SJ 40837 04670
Castle Hill motte and ditch system, Oldcastle1012124SJ 46808 44139
Section of an early medieval boundary ditch known as the Nico Ditch in Platt Fields 480m SSE of Platt Hall1015132SJ 85527 94439
Section of an early medieval boundary ditch known as the Nico Ditch on Denton golf course 320m south west of Lodge Farm1016197SJ 90443 96054
Offa's Dyke: section 380m west of Pottery Cottages1004767SJ2578527498
Offa's Dyke: section 170m south-east of Fron1006262SJ2591627065
Offa's Dyke: section 50yds (45m) long, SW of Crane Rock1006261SJ2593126030
Arbor Low henge, large irregular stone circle, linear bank and bowl barrow1011087SK 16039 63549
The Grey Ditch1017662SK 17749 81531
Cackle Mackle and Stadford Hollow lead mines on Longstone Moor1017754SK 18894 74097
Cross ridge dyke, 800m east of Bleaklow1018476SK 22563 73550
Ewden Beck round barrow cemetery and cross-dyke1018590SK 23565 96325
The Bar Dyke linear earthwork1017508SK 24622 94606
Canklow Hill earthworks1004818SK 43392 90405
Beacon Hill hillfort, enclosure and linear boundary1008835SK 50988 14487
Double Dyke1004834SK 54863 97890
The Raw Dykes Roman aqueduct1017391SK 58345 02602
Earthwork to E of village1003486SK 67174 66025
Roman wall, ditch and gate adjoining and under The Park1004986SK 97314 71416
Roman wall and ditch on Motherby Hill1004970SK 97360 71689
Newport Earthworks1005025SK 97538 72902
Section of Roman town wall and ditch N of East Bight1005057SK 97771 72115
Section of Roman town wall S of the Bishop's Palace1005059SK 97823 71655
Section of Roman town wall and ditch N of Eastgate1005479SK 97858 72020
Upper Short Ditch Also in Powys: Wales1003244SO 19238 86927
The Lower Short Ditch1020563SO 22289 88215
Offa's Dyke: two sections running 400yds (370m) S of Camlad Stream Also in Powys: Wales1006259SO 23213 98939
Offa's Dyke: section 2/3 mile (1170m) long, N from southern boundary of Rownal Covert1003013SO 23234 98771
Offa's Dyke: section 400yds (370m) long S of Rownal Covert1006258SO 23457 97624
Offa's Dyke: section 430yds (390m) in length S of Chirbury-Montgomery road1006271SO 23596 97285
Offa's Dyke: section one mile 750yds (2290m) from Dudston Covert to a point 300yds (274m) N of Lack Brook Also in Powys: Wales1003797SO 24229 95679
Offa's Dyke: section NW of Ditches Farm Also in Powys: Wales1006257SO 24758 94156
Three Roman camps NW of Brompton Mill including tumulus and section of Offa's Dyke1006247SO 24956 93423
Motte and bailey castle and line of Offa's Dyke adjacent to Brompton Mill1013496SO 25108 93153
Offa's Dyke: section 400m south west of Springhill Farm1020901SO 25389 80431
Offa's Dyke: section on the western slope of Llanfair Hill, 1.4km south west of Burfield1020902SO 25401 78627
Offa's Dyke: section 730m south east of The Yew Tree1020900SO 25687 82141
Offa's Dyke: section 175m east of Cefn Bronydd1020899SO 25828 83822
Offa's Dyke: section 575m north west of Myndtown1020898SO 25914 84466
Offa's Dyke: section 1/2 mile (800m) long, SE from county boundary to River Unk Also in Powys: Wales1004777SO 25997 89119
Offa's Dyke: section 400m east of Cwm Farm1020897SO 26130 85471
Offa's Dyke: section 430m north east of Middle Knuck Farm1020896SO 26217 86974
Offa's Dyke: section 890m north west and 320m west of Little Selley1020903SO 26244 77230
Offa's Dyke: section 1600yds (1460m) long, N from St John the Baptist's Church to River Unk1003246SO 26289 88355
Offa's Dyke: section 400m north and 170m east of Selley Hall1020904SO 26605 76641
Offa's Dyke: section 90m south of Brynorgan1020905SO 26807 76247
Offa's Dyke: section 650m east of Cwm-sanaham1020906SO 27205 75470
Craswall Priory, associated building remains, pond bays and hollow ways1014536SO 27546 37442
Offa's Dyke: section 475m north east of Nether Skyborry1020907SO 27983 74118
Offa's Dyke: section S of Riddings Brook on Herrock Hill1005358SO 28087 60352
Offa's Dyke: Rushock Hill section, extending 1630yds (1490m) E to Kennel Wood1001731SO 29562 59529
Offa's Dyke: the section extending 165yds (150m) N from Berry Wood1001732SO 32395 58700
Offa's Dyke: the section extending 300yds (270m) crossing the railway W of Titley Junction1003776SO 32424 57935
Offa's Dyke: the section 630yds (580m) long W of Lyonshall1001733SO 32790 55995
Offa's Dyke: the section E of Garden Wood, extending SE 85yds (80m)1001734SO 33139 55387
Offa's Dyke: section NW of Holme Marsh extending 615yds (560m) to the railway1001735SO 33493 55016
North Herefordshire Rowe Ditch1005382SO 38076 58720
Offa's Dyke: the section N of Upperton Farm, extending 175yds (160m)1005525SO 39434 47134
Offa's Dyke: Upperton Farm, two sections extending 195yds (180m) and 370yds (340m) S from Yazor1001736SO 39458 46771
Offa's Dyke: the section extending 230yds (210m) N and S of the Old Barn near Kenmoor Coppice (SE of Bowmore Wood)1001737SO 39505 45557
Cross-dyke on Ratlinghope Hill, 740m north of Brow Farm1007699SO 40355 97520
Offa's Dyke: the section extending 950yds (870m) N and S of Big Oaks1001738SO 40636 43192
Cross-dyke on Barrister's Plain, 800m south east of Narnell's Rock1007703SO 42594 92742
Bowl barrow on Grindle Nills Hill, the southern of two 400m south-east of Barrister's Plain cross dyke.1007352SO 42858 92404
Bowl barrow on Grindle Nills Hill, the northern of two 400m south-east of Barrister's Plain cross dyke.1007351SO 42900 92442
Cross-dyke at Devil's Mouth, west of Burway Hill1007704SO 43966 94232
Cross-dyke, field bank, ridge and furrow and hut structures 400m south of High Park House1009316SO 44372 96765
Cross dyke and hut platform on the summit of The Lawley, 100m south west of OS trig pillar.1008490SO 49439 97408
Hereford city walls, ramparts and ditch1005528SO 50721 39884
Row Ditch (entrenchment)1001780SO 51018 39403
Offa's Dyke: section in Highbury Plains, 370m west of Birt's Barn1020479SO 53809 07946
Offa's Dyke: section in Highbury Plains, 770m south west of Glyn Farm1020478SO 53819 08443
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, 190m west of Hudnalls Farm1020526SO 53822 03589
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, immediately west of The Fields1020592SO 53827 02896
Offa's Dyke: section immediately north west of Coxbury Farm1020480SO 53856 07611
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, immediately south of Sittingreen1020525SO 53871 03791
Offa's Dyke: section in Highbury Wood, 460m west of Glyn Farm1020477SO 53887 08670
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, 230m north of Hudnalls Farm1020533SO 53971 03846
Offa's Dyke: section immediately south of Coxbury Farm1020481SO 54003 07355
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, 220m east of Upfield House1020593SO 54007 02480
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, 400m east of Yewgreen Farm1020594SO 54074 02345
Offa's Dyke: section 340m south east of Coxbury Farm1020482SO 54136 07186
Offa's Dyke: section at Birchfield Cottage1020532SO 54169 03872
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, 100m south east of Hill Farm1020595SO 54209 02052
Offa's Dyke: section in Lippets Grove, 680m WSW of Beeches Farm1020602SO 54251 00324
Offa's Dyke: section on St Briavels Common, 90m north of The Cherries1020531SO 54367 03849
Offa's Dyke: section 65m north of Brook House1020596SO 54419 01759
Offa's Dyke: section in Wyeseal Wood, 600m north of Gumbers Land Barn1020527SO 54482 05822
Offa's Dyke: section in Caswell Wood, 280m west of Beeches Farm1020601SO 54503 00377
Offa's Dyke: section in St Margaret's Grove, 170m north east of Gumbers Land Barn1020528SO 54505 05346
Offa's Dyke: section in Cutt's Orchard, 230m south east of Brook House1020597SO 54541 01519
Offa's Dyke: section on Madgett Hill, 290m south east of Brook House1020598SO 54557 01456
Offa's Dyke: section on Madgett Hill, 380m south east of Brook House1020599SO 54577 01366
Offa's Dyke: section on Madgett Hill, 580m west of The Old Mill1020600SO 54596 00929
Offa's Dyke: section in Church Grove, 240m south west of Ferney Leaze1020483SO 54629 06693
Offa's Dyke: section in Victuals Grove, 230m north of Beaconsfield Cottage1020530SO 54660 03923
Offa's Dyke: section 470m west of Wyegate Barn1020484SO 54708 06296
Offa's Dyke: section in Mocking Hazell Wood, 400m south of Lindors Farm1020529SO 54753 04303
Offa's Dyke: section 800m south west of Stowfield Farm1020467SO 58291 16609
Offa's Dyke: section 650m south west of Stowfield Farm1020475SO 58421 16755
Offa's Dyke: section 330m south west of Stowfield Farm1020474SO 58571 17078
Offa's Dyke: section 120m south west of Stowfield Farm1020473SO 58665 17239
Offa's Dyke: section immediately east of Stowfield Farm1020472SO 58764 17278
Offa's Dyke: section 230m east of Stowfield Farm1020471SO 58945 17322
Offa's Dyke: section 330m east of Stowfield Farm1020470SO 59053 17332
Offa's Dyke: section 420m east of Stowfield Farm1020469SO 59147 17267
Offa's Dyke: section 480m south east of Stowfield Farm1020468SO 59207 17217
Dyke on S side of Yatton Wood1005341SO 62846 29494
The Shire Ditch See also HEREFORDSHIRE 2441003537SO 76911 44047
The Shire Ditch See also WORCESTERSHIRE 2441003812SO 76911 44047
Pen Hill dyke1002108SO 81833 02100
Haresfield Hill camp and Ring Hill earthworks1004861SO 82344 09046
Randwick Hill long barrow, round barrows and dyke1002107SO 82678 07005
Dyke camp1002095SO 83480 08574
Banks and ditch at Glebe Farm1015422SO 87622 00717
Earthwork on Cleeve Common1002084SO 98672 26282
Scrubditch dyke1003437SP 01014 07720
Perrott's Brook dykes1003436SP 01582 05848
Hob Ditch Earthworks1005729SP 13524 68600
Section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch running east from the River Evenlode opposite Cornbury Park1012902SP 35949 18491
Section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch running into the northern edge of Shilcott Wood on the Ditchley Estate1014578SP 37151 21816
Section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch west of Common Farm1013236SP 37964 12274
1100m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch at Model Farm on the Ditchley Park Estate1014708SP 38173 20873
Section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch 350m ENE of Ditchley House1012903SP 39400 21351
Earthwork NE of Tadmarton village1002923SP 39865 38793
380m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch 200m ENE of Kiddington Lodge1012904SP 40074 21556
145m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch situated 200m west of Grimsdyke Farm1012905SP 40562 21575
Linear earthworks east of Callow Hill Roman villa forming part of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch1014751SP 41029 19301
1km section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch running from Out Wood to Berring's Wood1012906SP 41265 20831
900m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch 200m north of Grim's Dyke Farm, running north into Hark Wood1012907SP 42157 20132
90m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch 350m south of Grim's Dyke Farm1012909SP 42218 18869
240m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch between Grim's Dyke Farm and the B4437 Charlbury to Woodstock road1012908SP 42224 18943
80m section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch 150m WSW of Ditchley Gate in Blenheim Park1012897SP 42231 18761
Section of the north Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch and a section of Akeman Street Roman road immediately south east of North Lodge in Blenheim Great Park1009425SP 42728 18265
Earthworks1003647SP 63229 56672
Cross dyke on Whiteleaf Hill, 165m south east of the Whiteleaf Cross1014598SP 82256 03860
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 176m long section south west of White House Farm1020885SP 82603 00400
Cross dyke on Ragpit Hill, 230m ENE of Great Kimble church1013933SP 82755 06021
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 1.02km long section from west of White House Farm to Lily Bank Farm1020886SP 82859 00971
Cross dyke 480m east of Great Kimble church1013934SP 83034 06001
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 580m long section between Lily Bottom Lane and Redland End1021194SP 83231 01746
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: section extending from Redland End through Barnes's Grove to Hampden Park1021195SP 83974 02883
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 370m long section 330m south east of Hampden House1021196SP 85119 02241
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 245m long section in Oaken Grove with two associated post mill mounds, 235m south east of Briary Cottages1021197SP 85535 02015
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 350m long section extending north east from Cottage Farm1021198SP 89089 03463
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 1500m long section from Great Widmoor Wood to Oaken Grove1021199SP 89640 06833
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: two sections between Oaken Grove and Lanes End1021200SP 90200 07352
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 520m long section between Lanes End and Bottom Road1021201SP 90651 07790
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 875m long section between Leylands Farm and Shire Lane1021202SP 91274 08304
Hertfordshire Grim's Ditch: 1150m long section between Shire Lane and Kiln Road1021203SP 92117 08977
Hertfordshire Grim's Ditch: 1350m long section between Kiln Road and Chesham Road1021204SP 93308 09264
Hertfordshire Grim's Ditch: 990m long section between Crawley's Lane and Rossway Lane1021205SP 95146 09186
Hertfordshire Grim's Ditch: 230m long section in Hamberlins Wood1021206SP 95815 08859
Hertfordshire Grim's Ditch: 210m long section immediately north west of Woodcock Hill1021207SP 97238 08140
Malting Spinney Medieval moat, associated outer enclosure and cultivation earthworks, Ridgmont1012698SP 98587 35814
Bowl barrow 240m south west of West Dyke1017980SS 30601 23505
Clovelly Dykes hillfort1018522SS 31129 23486
Earthwork E of Buck's Mills1002527SS 35888 23491
Cross ridge dyke on Godborough Castle earthwork NW of Turner's Wood1002640SS 43667 27353
Earthwork defences of Countisbury Castle promontory fort1020807SS 73909 49477
Dead Woman's Ditch cross-dyke, Robin Upright's Hill1008254ST 16040 38477
Medieval estate boundary earthwork on Shute Shelve Hill1015495ST 42768 56077
Cadbury Camp, a small multivalate hillfort on Cadbury Hill1008295ST 45406 72467
Linear earthwork in Butleigh Wood1006152ST 50517 33227
The Mere Bank and flanking ditches1020664ST 53197 79354
Ponter's Ball linear earthwork1006154ST 53200 37632
Offa's Dyke: section in Chapelhouse Wood, 240m west of the Recreation Ground1020639ST 53628 95119
Offa's Dyke: section in Shorncliff Wood including the Devil's Pulpit, 790m south west of Sheepcot1020604ST 54221 99106
Offa's Dyke: section immediately north east of Sedbury sewage works1020640ST 54249 93343
Offa's Dyke: section in Passage Grove, 660m west of Sheepcot1020603ST 54252 99799
Offa's Dyke: section in Worgan's Wood, 800m west of Chase Farm1020605ST 54332 98654
Offa's Dyke: section 130m north west of Pennsylvania Farm1020641ST 54456 93238
Offa's Dyke: section known as Buttington Tump, 100m west of Buttington Lodge1020642ST 54707 93099
Offa's Dyke: section in Boatwood Plantation, 320m south west of Chase Farm1020606ST 54842 98493
Offa's Dyke: section in Danehill Wood, 300m west of East Vaga1020607ST 54948 98139
Offa's Dyke: section 240m north east of Buttington Farm1020643ST 55009 92953
Wansdyke: section E of Maes Knoll camp1007009ST 60361 65898
Earthworks on Loscombe Hill1002820ST 61607 00369
Large multivallate hillfort and associated earthworks at South Cadbury1011980ST 62816 25133
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 585m north of Tuckingmill Farm1007004ST 65393 64400
Earthworks on Giant Hill1002725ST 66759 01868
Stantonbury camp and adjacent sections of Wansdyke1002487ST 67450 63711
Linear earthworks around Lyscombe Bottom1002454ST 73177 02625
Wansdyke: section 1230yds (1120m) eastwards from Burnt House Inn1007003ST 74053 61803
Earthwork and ancient fields SE of Lyscombe Bottom1002456ST 74480 01516
Cross dyke and bowl barrow on Bell Hill 690m north east of Baker's Folly1016686ST 79682 07996
Cross dyke on Bell Hill 610m east of Brooks Farm1019363ST 80276 09097
White Sheet Hill ditch1005596ST 80372 35054
Two cross dykes 580m and 610m north east of Wood Farm1017709ST 80752 34072
Cross dyke on Mere Down, east of White Sheet Hill hillfort1017710ST 81036 34699
Cross dyke on Okeford Hill 880m south east of Hartcliff Farm1016690ST 81134 09702
Cross dyke on Okeford Hill 1km south west of Broughton House1016689ST 81685 09579
Gillingham Park boundary bank1002382ST 83430 24759
Four lynchets 610m west of Kingston Dairy1016910ST 83706 36985
Cross dyke 920m north east of Dairy Farm1016905ST 83766 38274
Hillfort, two bowl barrows, medieval strip lynchets and a cross dyke on Cley Hill1017296ST 83870 44869
Linear boundary on Bidcombe Down and Whitepits Down1016904ST 84435 37752
Cross dyke 870m north west of Burton Farm1019197ST 84761 38008
Earthwork 200yds (180m) W of parish church1004703ST 85060 86028
Medieval strip lynchets 280m west of Hill Barn1016902ST 85792 36454
Combe Ditch, linear dyke1002400ST 87253 00629
Medieval strip lynchets 450m south of Springhead Farm1020028ST 87397 16609
Two cross ridge dykes 710m and 790m east of Wellhead Farm1020372ST 87739 49570
Cross dyke and linear boundary on Melbury Hill and Compton Down1016894ST 87797 19730
Two cross dykes on Fontmell Down, 850m and 880m south east of Gourd's Farm1020361ST 88289 18244
Earthworks in Ditchey Coppice1002448ST 88678 13321
Cross dyke 480m and 690m NNW of Fontmell Hill House1019028ST 88965 17317
Cross ridge dyke on Warminster Down1009810ST 89585 48032
Strip lynchets immediately south west of Woodcombe Cleve1019383ST 89835 41240
Combe lynchet system on Oxendean Down1010067ST 89851 46527
Cross ridge dyke 140m north and 70m south of Hatts Barn1020610ST 90130 18791
Linear boundary 870m south west of Spring Farm1020729ST 90887 16118
Cross ridge dyke on Charlton Down, 1250m and 1350m south west of Higher Berry Court Cottages1020632ST 91765 20377
Cross-ridge dyke on Rawston Down1002462ST 91801 06437
Cross ridge dyke 1000m south west of Higher Berry Court Cottages1020633ST 91931 20632
Enclosure and linear earthworks between Bishopstrow Down and South Down Sleight1010283ST 91942 47399
Strip lynchet system north of Cotley Hill1009937ST 92223 43467
Linear boundary and section of Roman road, 550m south east of Ashmore Farm1020728ST 92246 17026
Strip lynchet system east of Cotley Hill Woods1010089ST 92493 43186
Medieval strip lynchets 370m south of Greater Lane Farm1017302ST 92569 52587
Strip lynchets south of Westdown Farm1010260ST 93414 51595
Berwick Coombe ditch1005587ST 93763 23508
Earthwork 360yds (328m) NW of Warren Copse1003726ST 94770 24303
Winkelbury Hill earthworks1005585ST 95056 21025
The Carrion Tree Rack:a linear boundary in Rushmore Park, south west, south and north east of Park Cottage1020727ST 95287 18681
Woodland Down ditch1005617ST 95617 23509
Linear earthwork on Knook Down1010665ST 95707 44017
Earthworks on Thickthorn Down1002457ST 96665 12317
Boundary feature 700m south-west of The Plantation, West Lavington Down1010096ST 97697 48736
Cross-ridge dyke on Buxbury Hill1004711ST 98421 26633
A cross-ridge dyke on South Down 500m north east of Chase Barn1020958ST 99016 21704
Strip lynchet system east of Three Corner Firs1017862ST 99125 52735
Earthworks on Gussage Down1002740ST 99277 13839
Wansdyke: 460yds (420m) SE of Broads Green to 266yds (240m) NE of Paddock Farm1003785ST 99292 67194
Ditch, 343yds (310m) ENE of East Farm Cottages to 800yds (730m) NW of St Martin's Chapel1005606ST 99358 35116
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 425m south of New Barn Farm1003066ST6103865517
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 210m north west of Cottles1007010ST6200065292
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 375m south east of Knowle Farm1004523ST6446664935
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 530m north west of Park Farm1007008ST6890363597
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 285m north west of Manor Farm1007006ST7097063025
Part of a linear boundary 590m north of Noade's Leaze Farm1004668ST7224171123
Part of the linear boundary known as the Wansdyke 420m south west of Barrowmead Cottage1007005ST7268162210
Middle Chase Farm ditch1003730SU 00292 20956
Two barrows near Ackling Dyke1002786SU 00582 14303
Part of Ackling Dyke (Roman road), including Roman road on Oakley Down1003309SU 00923 14905
The western of two linear earthworks north of West Woodyates Manor1012139SU 01559 19630
Great Ditch banks1003733SU 01661 21167
The eastern of two linear earthworks north of West Woodyates Manor1012140SU 01762 19664
Chiselbury Camp hillfort, cross dykes and site of turnpike toll house1020262SU 01826 28122
A linear earthwork north east of West Woodyates Manor: part of the `Bokerley Line'1012138SU 02343 19898
Bokerley Dyke, and a section of Grim's Ditch, a section of a medieval boundary bank, and two bowl barrows on and north west of Martin Down1012135SU 02361 20034
Long barrow and Old Ditch linear earthwork, on Tilshead Down1009297SU 02422 46881
Marleycombe Hill earthworks1003731SU 02430 22536
Two sections of a linear earthwork north of West Woodyates Manor: part of the `Bokerley Line'1012136SU 02486 19949
Cross ridge dyke on Morgan's Hill1014033SU 03185 67113
Two linear earthworks in Vernditch Chase1010763SU 03808 21060
Boundary earthwork east of Church Hill1017928SU 03821 52632
Roman road along the south side of Vernditch Chase: part of the Roman road between Sorviodunum (Old Sarum) and Vindocladia (Badbury)1008707SU 03890 20628
Bowl barrow 520m north east of the shoulder angle of Bokerley Dyke on Martin Down1010869SU 03899 20103
Bury Orchard ditch1005603SU 04121 25223
Three adjoining linear earthworks and three bowl barrows north of Bokerley Dyke on Martin Down1011006SU 04250 20719
Cross dyke 450m west of Cherhill Monument1018423SU 04273 69347
Section of Wansdyke and associated monuments from east of The Firs to the eastern side of Tan Hill1017288SU 04374 66344
Cross dyke 230m south west of Cherhill Monument1018422SU 04551 69246
Boundary feature on Ball Down1010247SU 04770 50983
Oldbury Camp hillfort, bowl barrow and cross dyke on Cherhill Down1018611SU 04890 69244
Roman road north east of Vernditch Chase: part of the Roman road between Sorviodunum (Old Sarum) and Vindocladia (Badbury)1013203SU 04922 21777
Cross dyke 520m north east of Cherhill Monument1018421SU 05138 69673
Linear boundary earthwork and associated field system on Cherhill Down1018431SU 05167 69600
Linear earthwork on West Down1004707SU 05263 48179
Boundary banks on Rye Hill and in Maldry Wood1002381SU 05424 10513
Boundary earthwork from East Down to Orcheston Down1010251SU 05533 48922
A linear earthwork and two bowl barrows east of Bokerley Dyke on Blagdon Hill1011007SU 05628 18174
Linear earthworks forming part of a field system on Bishop's Cannings Down1013233SU 05655 66557
Bowl barrow 120m north east of the junction of Grim's Ditch and Bokerley Dyke on Blagdon Hill1011004SU 05736 18117
Bowl barrow 210m north east of the junction of Grim's Ditch and Bokerley Dyke on Blagdon Hill1011003SU 05783 18194
Grovely Castle and earthworks N of Grovely Wood1005604SU 05839 35539
Three associated linear earthworks on Martin Down1012137SU 05939 18396
Grim's Ditch: Old Lodge Copse to Toyd Clump1003457SU 06059 22154
Two linear earthworks, two barrows and Iron Age and Romano-British settlements on Tidpit Common Down1010762SU 06506 18090
Grovely Ditch1005584SU 06602 33636
Pair of round barrows and section of linear earthwork NE of the gallops on West Down1014028SU 07248 69220
Bowl barrow cemetery and a cross dyke on Horton Common 800m south of Bridge Farm1018411SU 07535 07230
Ditch W of Tanhill Fair1004721SU 07545 64937
Boundary feature, western section of Long Ditch across Wilsford Down1010262SU 07695 53727
Winterbourne Stoke West round barrow cemetery, The Coniger enclosure and section of linear boundary earthwork1015019SU 07727 41971
Harepit Way linear boundary1014559SU 07788 68819
Earthwork on Paven Hill1004701SU 08096 88247
Bowl barrow and section of linear boundary earthwork on Winterbourne Stoke Down1015023SU 08694 42918
Boundary earthworks on Wilsford Down1010177SU 08812 53761
Two boundary earthworks on the west of Rushall Down1009813SU 09285 53426
Knoll Camp hillfort, cross dyke, linear earthwork and hollow ways near Damerham Knoll1010764SU 09549 18844
Section of the Wansdyke1004736SU 09966 64698
Linear boundary from south east of Winterbourne Stoke crossroads to south west of The Diamond on Wilsford Down1010837SU 10297 41054
Pair of bowl barrows 150m north of the Wansdyke on All Cannings Down1013755SU 10337 64856
The Lesser Cursus and a triple bowl barrow forming part of a linear round barrow cemetery south east of Greenland Farm on Winterbourne Stoke Down1010901SU 10511 43486
Linear round barrow cemetery 200m ENE of West Kennett long barrow1014034SU 10765 67827
Three sections of a linear earthwork south west of New Barn1013771SU 10888 71024
Linear boundary within Normanton Gorse1010838SU 11292 41412
Grim's Ditch1004753SU 11368 23288
Length of deer park bank and ditch at Alderholt1002394SU 11425 12783
Ten round barrows forming the Lake Down round barrow cemetery and a section of linear boundary crossing Lake Down1010875SU 11846 39056
Section of a linear boundary from 350m north east of Westfield Farm on Lake Down to Lake Bottom1010881SU 12092 39303
Odstock Copse earthwork1004775SU 14462 25064
Two earthwork enclosures and a linear earthwork 625m north of Barbury Castle1016362SU 14923 76917
Boundary earthwork on Upavon Down1009812SU 15139 55508
Linear boundary earthwork on Amesbury Down west of Stock Bottom1015218SU 15549 39504
Lynchets at Southmill Hill1015220SU 15930 40808
Linear boundary earthwork 250m west of Stockport1015689SU 16294 39460
Wansdyke: section from S of Furze Hill to Marlborough-Pewsey road1004719SU 16995 66482
Withy Copse ditch1004760SU 17179 64219
Trackway, ditch and bell barrow on Longstreet Down1009927SU 17617 52608
Wansdyke: section 610yds (560m) NW of Wernham Farm to 250yds (230m) SW of New Buildings1003784SU 18215 66762
The Weather Hill multiperiod landscape and associated linear earthworks1009337SU 20300 51739
Whitefield Hill ditch1004732SU 20418 75550
Boundary earthwork running south from Dunch Hill, through Brigmerston Plantation and Milston Down.1009656SU 20647 46944
Linear boundary earthwork west of Liddington Castle1016391SU 20678 79618
Boundary earthwork across the Bulford Ranges1009503SU 20856 44339
Linear earthwork in Savernake Forest, S of Great Lodge Bottom1004705SU 21182 66919
Boundary earthwork across Dunch Hill Golf Course1015480SU 21280 48486
Linear earthwork NW of Sidbury camp1003254SU 21324 50701
Devil's ditch: boundary earthwork1015434SU 21330 47793
Linear earthwork 500yds (460m) S of Sidbury camp1004699SU 21358 49750
Ditch 530yds (484m) SW of Stitchcombe Farm1003037SU 22278 69134
Boundary feature south of Clarendon Hill Reservoir1015482SU 22435 48615
Bronze Age enclosure and linear boundary earthwork on Boscombe Down East1017273SU 23212 37235
Boundary earthwork and associated bowl barrow on Windmill Hill1010288SU 24277 51395
Flint mines, linear boundary and two bowl barrows at Martin's Clump, Porton Down1017168SU 25001 38715
Boundary earthwork on Lamb Down1009833SU 25476 48608
Cross dyke and field banks in Peaks Wood 210m east of Hellscomb Cottages1019191SU 26082 78923
Ditch between Rag Copse and Scotspoor Plantation1003792SU 28356 56054
Linear earthwork on Tidcombe Down1004729SU 28511 58019
Sections of Wansdyke in Jockey Copse and Round Copse1004751SU 28992 64445
Boundary ditch E of Near Down1006958SU 29239 79625
Ditch on Boydon Hole Farm1006977SU 29268 78196
Botley Hill ditch1004745SU 29340 60019
Linear earthwork on Maccombe Down1004730SU 29771 57377
Wansdyke: Daniel's Lane section1005594SU 32284 64415
Park pale known as Bishop's Dyke, and a Bronze Age bowl barrow, to the south and west of Furzy Brow1009324SU 34258 05012
Wansdyke, section 530yds (490m) on W side of Old Dyke Lane1005386SU 35170 63746
Old Pound Copse earthwork1001917SU 39632 44650
Devil's Ditch within Pepper Hill Firs1015677SU 40080 47998
Grim's Ditch; section 650yds (590m) long NW of Betterton Down1006308SU 42329 84502
The Andyke, Bransbury1015678SU 42487 42797
Grims Ditch; section 200yds (180m) long W of Scotch Fir Belt1006304SU 43548 84933
Grim's Ditch; section 600yds (550m) long on East Ginge Down1006305SU 44653 85436
A cross dyke and bowl barrow on the northern spur of Beacon Hill1012033SU 45593 57624
Grim's Ditch; section S of Tile Barn1006307SU 45605 85578
Worthy Down ditch1001907SU 45956 34805
A section of a linear earthwork south west of Great Litchfield Down1012039SU 46596 55386
Grim's Ditch: section W of Chilton Plantation See also OXFORDSHIRE 2161006980SU 46908 84722
Grim's Ditch; section W of Chilton Plantation See also WEST BERKSHIRE 1021003765SU 46908 84722
An unfinished hillfort, a saucer barrow, a disc barrow and sections of two linear earthworks on Ladle Hill1012038SU 47633 56628
Grim's Ditch: section 1200yds (1100m) long from Chilton Plantation to Ridge Hill See also OXFORDSHIRE 2601006985SU 47679 84494
Grim's Ditch; section 1200yds (1100m) long from Chilton Plantation to Ridge Hill See also WEST BERKSHIRE 1091004825SU 47679 84494
Alresford Drive earthworks, Avington1001910SU 52358 31835
Cross dyke 720m west of Cheesefoot Head1020320SU 52415 27843
Grim's Ditch; section on Aston Upthorpe Down1006306SU 53881 83270
Grim's Ditch: section 1 mile long E from Southfield Shaw to Streatley parish boundary1006981SU 55318 78452
Dike Hills1006364SU 57389 93517
Grim's Ditch: two sections in Portobello Wood, Holies Shaw and High Holies Wood Gap1006982SU 59382 79568
North Stoke henge and ring ditch site1006335SU 60993 85320
Grim's Bank: section extending 470yds (430m) in Little Heath1005375SU 61023 63798
Grim's Bank: section extending 880yds (795m) in Old Warren1005374SU 61252 64083
Grim's Bank: section extending 240yds (220m) E of Padworth Gully1005389SU 61696 65154
Grim's Bank: section extending SW 900yds (825m) from New Plantation, Ufton Park, to a point 250yds (230m) SE of Rectory1005376SU 62201 65782
Linear earthwork in Gravelpit Copse and near Byes Lane, south west of Silchester1008727SU 62223 60646
Linear earthwork in Bridle's Copse, south west of Silchester1008728SU 62512 60497
Flex Ditch1008725SU 62620 61708
Grim's Bank: section extending 420yds (400m) in Old Park and Raven Hill, Ufton Park1005377SU 62716 66066
Grim's Bank: section extending 560yds (510m) in Pennsylvania Wood, Ufton Park1003769SU 63244 66255
Boundary earthwork and barrow at Sheepbridge1003562SU 63327 23022
Grim's Bank: section extending 300yds (275m) in Church Plantation1005373SU 63481 66693
Three sections of a linear earthwork between Churchlane Copse and Early Bridge Copse, south of Silchester1011956SU 63650 61440
Grim's Ditch; portion from Mongewell Park Lodge to S of Nuffield church1006368SU 65664 87237
Leydene Ditches1005542SU 67906 19351
The Dykes1001782SU 69206 31085
A hilltop enclosed by Iron Age cross dykes, an associated field system and Bronze Age barrows at Butser Hill1008692SU 71652 19141
Cross dyke on West Harting Down, 650m south west of Foxcombe Farm1015884SU 76458 18500
Round barrow cemetery, Roman road and hollow ways 200m south west of Woolmer Cottages1020502SU 78467 31999
Linear earthwork known as the Festaen Dic1001806SU 79658 58531
Multiple cross dyke on Harting Downs, 570m east of Down Place1015885SU 79700 18424
Cross dyke on south eastern spur of Bow Hill, 900m south west of the Tansley Stone1008370SU 81715 10443
Two bell barrows, two pond barrows and a cross dyke on Bow Hill: part of The Devil's Humps round barrow cemetery1008371SU 81887 10989
Chichester Dyke: section 200yds (180m) long in Mouthey's Plantation, section 245yds (220m) long in Oakwood and section 100yds (90m) long SW of Oakwood House1003783SU 81983 06569
Linear boundary 310m north west of the Tansley Stone on Bow Hill1008373SU 81986 11279
Hilltop enclosure and linear boundary on Bow Hill1012319SU 82492 11580
Cross dyke on north eastern spur of Bow Hill, 150m south east of the Tansley Stone1008379SU 82499 11063
Cross dyke on northern spur of Bow Hill, 500m north east of the Tansley Stone1008374SU 82536 11531
Linear boundary on Stoke Down, 800m north of West Stoke House1018564SU 82586 09517
Devil's Ditch, section extending 900yds (820m), Lye Wood, West Stoke1005882SU 82692 08267
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 1.13km long section from Grymsdyke Manor to RAF High Wycombe1020884SU 82830 99136
Chichester Dyke, earthwork extending 300yds (270m) W of Densworth House1005859SU 82853 07391
Chichester Dyke, sections in Little Cotfield Plantation1005833SU 82990 06436
Chichester Dyke, earthwork extending 250yds (230m) in Densworth Copse1005858SU 83204 07545
Buckinghamshire Grim's Ditch: 660m long section to the west of Walter's Ash1021193SU 83307 98125
A 362m length of Devil's Ditch running WNW from Chapel Lane1005881SU 83393 08053
Devil's Ditch, section extending 200yds (180m) E from Chapel Lane1005880SU 83669 07988
Devil's Ditch, section extending 1200yds (1100m) through Little Tomlins Copse1005879SU 84235 07966
Chichester Dyke, Broyle earthwork, section extending 360yds (330m) SW of Broyle House1005857SU 84313 06679
Chichester Dyke, Broyle earthwork, section extending 360yds (330m) S of West Broyle House1005856SU 84741 06661
Cross dyke on Heathbarn Down, 520m south east of Lodge Hill Farm1018058SU 84837 12976
Chichester Dyke, section of Broyle earthwork, extending 150yds (140m) through Plain Wood1005855SU 84974 06655
Devil's Ditch, section extending 960yds (870m) S of Lavant House1005876SU 85146 08081
Chichester Dyke, Broyle earthwork, section extending 430yds (393m) through East Broyle Copse, to railway, and earthwork extending 400yds (365m) from Brandy Hole Lane, New Fishbourne1005853SU 85299 06639
Chichester Dyke, Broyle earthwork, section at Brandy Hole, extending E 230yds (210m) from railway, New Fishbourne1005854SU 85624 06629
A 210m length of Devil's Ditch running east from Chichester Main Road to Pook Lane1005877SU 85818 08156
Chichester Dyke, earthwork extending 110yds (100m) in Raughmere Copse1005860SU 85943 08086
Chichester Dyke, earthwork extending N 480yds (440m) from The Drive, Summersdale, near Chichester1005861SU 86075 07571
Cross dyke on Hindhead golf course1018020SU 86335 37311
Chichester Dyke, earthwork E of Chichester Barracks extending 600yds (550m)1005862SU 86374 06291
Chichester Dyke, earthwork extending N 360yds (330m) from Otter Memorial College1002981SU 86415 05960
Devil's Ditch, section extending 530yds (480m) W from Lavant Lodge1005878SU 86824 08664
Cross dyke on St Roche's Hill, 480m north west of The Trundle hillfort1018035SU 87383 11386
Devil's Ditch, section extending 1100yds (1000m), Valdoe Wood1005875SU 87653 08879
Cross dyke on St Roche's Hill, 410m and 425m north east of The Trundle hillfort1018036SU 87918 11442
Devil's Ditch, section extending 380yds (350m) NW from The Cottage, Goodwood Park1005870SU 88321 08868
Devil's Ditch, section extending 330yds (300m) W of Waterbeach Hotel, Goodwood Park, Box Grove1005871SU 89148 08422
Multiple cross dyke on Heyshott Down1015958SU 89392 16506
Devil's Ditch, section extending 200yds (180m) E of Waterbeach Hotel, Goodwood Park1005872SU 89504 08386
Devil's Ditch, section extending 1730yds (1580m) from Stane Street to NW end of Redvin's Copse1005873SU 89921 08404
Heyshott Down round barrow cemetery and cross dykes1017614SU 90704 16492
Multiple cross dyke on Little Graffham Bottom, 770m SSW of Hayland Farm1018059SU 90995 16448
Devil's Ditch, section 725yds (660m) long W of Ounces Barn1005874SU 91642 08469
Cross dyke on Woolavington Down, 475m north east of Tegleaze Farm1015965SU 93714 16007
Cross dyke on Woolavington Down, 625m east of Tegleaze Farm1015964SU 93906 15588
Prehistoric linear boundary at Crown Tegleaze, 1km north west of Littleton Farm1015961SU 94317 15152
Cross dyke on Upwaltham Hill, 500m and 620m south east of Upwaltham Farm1018060SU 94645 13334
Cross dyke on Woolavington Down, 600m south of Lavington House1015963SU 94656 15732
Double cross dyke on Upwaltham Hill1018061SU 95104 12766
Cross ridge dykes on Sutton Down1005834SU 95372 13850
Prehistoric linear boundary on Barlavington Down, 550m north east of Dog Kennels1015962SU 96116 15395
Cross dyke 180m north of radio masts at Glatting Beacon1016620SU 96610 13302
Madehurst Wood earthworks1003736SU 97844 08356
Goblestubbs Copse earthworks1005895SU 98406 07504
Linear boundary on Whitmoor Common1011602SU 98708 53490
Seven sections of Stane Street Roman road between Eartham and Bignor, a prehistoric linear boundary and two bowl barrows1016621SU 98873 13958
Dalesdown Wood earthworks1005893SU 99769 09708
Prehistoric linear boundary SSE of The Island, Bryher1014991SV 88128 14815
Prehistoric linear boundary and cairns south west of The Bar, Bryher1016170SV 88144 15093
Prehistoric linear boundary on Puffin Island1010175SV 88154 13429
Three platform cairns and adjacent prehistoric linear boundary on Wingletang Down, 70m west of Crooked Rock1009276SV 88521 07686
Prehistoric linear boundary on Dropnose Point, Gugh1008324SV 89322 08103
Prehistoric linear boundaries, house platform and cairn on south western Peninnis Head, St Mary's1015669SV 90974 09526
Prehistoric field system and kerbed cairn, with post-medieval kelp pit and linear boundary on southern White Island1014789SV 92508 17341
Prehistoric linear boundary and Civil War fieldworks on north western Toll's Hill, St Mary's1015662SV 92664 12154
Prehistoric linear boundary south east of Horse Rock on Porth Hellick Down, St Mary's1013668SV 92992 10793
Prehistoric linear boundary 50m ENE of Mount Todden Battery, St Mary's1010165SV 93042 11575
Linear earthworks, probably 17th century, W of Godrevy1007284SW 58253 43029
Earthwork 100yds (90m) ESE of Tregidden1004335SW 75573 22941
Linear bowl barrow group on Ligger Point, 250m west of Penhale Mine1016990SW 75927 58032
Prehistoric embanked platform cairn and linear boundary with superimposed medieval boundary and adjacent clearance cairn on Dinnever Hill1007768SX 12135 79284
Stannon Stone Circle, prehistoric field system, hut circle settlement, cairns, cist, linear boundaries and medieval building north of Dinnever Hill1007764SX 12685 79833
Prehistoric linear boundary, adjacent irregular aggregate field system and hut circles, incorporated cairns and medieval grave on north-west Roughtor1008187SX 14474 81056
Prehistoric embanked avenue with incorporated funerary cist 210m WNW of Showery Tor1011501SX 14728 81380
Linear boundary called the Giant's Hedge1006681SX 17149 57451
Prehistoric and medieval linear boundary with associated peat stack platform 475m SSW of Eastmoorgate1011509SX 22059 78374
Prehistoric and medieval linear boundary 1.34km south of Eastmoorgate1011386SX 22081 77603
Prehistoric linear boundary and adjacent subsidiary boundary 1km west of Tresellern Farm1011874SX 22645 76808
Part of a medieval boundary dyke 220m east of Golitha House1004364SX 22671 68380
Prehistoric coaxial field system, incorporated and adjacent hut circles, stone setting, linear boundaries and medieval settlement on Fox Tor and Treburland Farm1008245SX 22958 78720
Prehistoric linear boundary and field system, medieval enclosure and tin miners' caches 1.06km north-west of Wardbrook Farm1015975SX 24678 73939
Unenclosed hut circle settlement and adjacent Prehistoric linear boundary 800m SSE of Trewortha Farm1008958SX 24747 74384
Prehistoric linear boundaries, cairn and enclosure 1.225km north-west of Wardbrook Farm1008982SX 24751 74149
Prehistoric linear boundary and adjacent round cairn 938m north-west of Wardbrook Farm1008845SX 24958 73842
Prehistoric linear boundary with adjacent stone hut circle, two round cairns and cairnfield 1.125km north of Wardbrook Farm1008897SX 25278 74283
Unenclosed hut circle settlement with adjacent enclosure and linear boundary 1.41km SW of East Castick Farm1009805SX 25492 75416
Neolithic long cairn, Prehistoric regular and irregular aggregate field systems, linear boundaries and medieval enclosure 625m W of Blackcoombe Farm1010221SX 26296 73871
Three adjoining Prehistoric linear boundaries on Bearah Tor, 687m SW of Nodmans Bowda Farm1010220SX 26390 74637
Stone circle, cairn alignment, cider millstone and boundary ditch 410m south east of Sourton Tors1007827SX 54690 89678
Three pillow mounds and a linear gully 200m north of Great Trowlesworthy Tor forming part of Trowlesworthy Warren1014481SX 57908 64515
Cross Dyke reave1010811SX 58346 63657
A 350m length of reave on Hingston Hill, 470m NNW of Combshead Tor1010784SX 58606 69213
Medieval farmstead, boundary work and earthwork enclosures 350m south east of Middle Soar1020575SX 71424 36855
Earthwork (possibly civil war) on Bovey Heath1002657SX 82099 76607
Castle Dyke1002492SX 84618 71942
Castle Dyke camp, Ugbrooke1003846SX 87438 78629
Castle Dyke1004582SX 92140 77009
Cross ridge dyke extending north and south of The Three Horse Shoes Inn1017771SY 18882 91266
Earthworks on Askerswell Down1003214SY 53661 92014
Earthwork 80yds (70m) long NW of Coombe Bottom1002734SY 54329 93706
Dyke on Haydon Down1002735SY 54791 93472
Dyke SE of Eggardon Hill camp1002404SY 54830 94261
Dyke on Wears Hill1002732SY 57062 86382
Dyke on Long Barrow Hill1002688SY 57084 91065
Cross dyke 600m north of Pitcombe Farm1011695SY 58336 90256
Field system in Valley of Stones (including earthwork N of Crow Hill)1002431SY 59548 88549
Cross-ridge dyke on Windsbatch1002753SY 65734 85081
Long barrow, three bell barrows, fancy barrow and a linear earthwork 800m north of Maiden Castle1015783SY 66549 89265
Battery Bank: a linear boundary on Great Plantation, 450m north east of Woodside1015347SY 85856 88573
Group of linear earthworks on Worgret Heath1018187SY 89778 87076
Linear earthwork on Wareham Common, 350m north west and 420m north east of Little Farm1018194SY 90738 87405
Cross dyke on Knowle Hill, 430m south of East Creech Farm1014843SY 93047 82122
Cross dyke on Knowle Hill, 470m SSE of East Creech Farm1014842SY 93163 82104
Bowl barrow and cross dyke on Knowle Hill, 500m NNE of St Peter's Church1014838SY 94389 82371
Two linear earthworks on Row Brow which extend into Raincliffe Woods1008131TA 00580 88360
Two segments of a prehistoric linear boundary 530m north and 200m north east of Beacon Farm1021236TA 01006 87380
Section of linear earthwork on Seamer Moor Hill1008135TA 01625 86677
Earthwork on the Sheepwalk stretching N from Wold Gate for 530yds (480m)1005223TA 09937 66110
Argam dykes1005234TA 10271 68967
Section of Danes' Dyke from the B1229 north to Wold Farm field boundary1013193TA 21251 71395
Northern section of the Danes' Dyke from Wold Farm field boundary to Bempton Cliffs1013194TA 21309 72326
Section of the Danes' Dyke between the B1255 and B1229 roads1013192TA 21386 70224
Section of Danes' Dyke between the Cliff Plantation and the B12551013191TA 21523 69753
Castle Dyke moated site1019097TF 00801 14255
Car Dyke, Roman canal N of Washingborough1004947TF 02384 70757
Car Dyke between Washingborough and Common Square1004923TF 03932 70539
Car Dyke, Roman canal adjoining Glebe Farm1004948TF 04096 70567
Car Dyke in Nocton Wood1004924TF 08596 64284
Car Dyke, S of Dyke1004959TF 10505 21709
Earthworks of Car Dyke in Park Wood, 175m east of King Street (A15)1009999TF 10522 16116
Mound at Langdyke Bush1006786TF 11398 02619
Car Dyke SE of Blankney Wood1005484TF 11741 61790
Car Dyke at Linwood Hall1004925TF 12272 60621
Car Dyke W of Martin Wood1004926TF 12560 58848
Car Dyke1004960TF 12684 58315
Car Dyke, Roman canal at Helpringham1004946TF 14663 39102
Neolithic long barrow 290m south of Cowdyke Plantation1013906TF 15137 94594
Section of the Car Dyke canal, fishponds and barrows 250m north west of the Old Rectory1021104TF 16623 06894
Section of the Car Dyke between Whitepost Road and Fen Bridge1021133TF 20714 03398
Medieval boundary earthworks at Queen's Bank, 100m south east of Providence House1009980TF 29926 14147
Boundary cross, Old Fen Dike1010672TF 38103 17293
Devil's Dyke1004036TF 89320 05235
Devil's Dyke ('The Launditch')1003795TF 92345 17250
Dogdyke Pumping Station1004942TF2057455826
Devil's Dyke, Beechamwell and Barton Bendish. Section 1km in length West of Smeeth Wood1003973TF7465408651
Berkhamsted Common Romano-British villa, dyke and temple1020914TL 00270 09602
Sections of Grims Ditch1005258TL 01143 09080
Dray's Ditches See also BEDFORDSHIRE 11004534TL 07754 26570
Dray's Ditches See also LUTON 11003804TL 08317 26540
Manor Farm moated enclosure, fishponds and fowling earthworks1013453TL 10490 58654
Devils Ditch1003522TL 12032 08287
Verulamium, part of wall and ditch of Roman city1003519TL 13573 06573
Iron Age territorial boundary known as Beech Bottom Dyke1019136TL 14793 08781
Wheathampstead earthwork incorporating Devils Dyke and the Slad1003521TL 18615 13256
Linear earthwork in Perry's Grove1005512TL 25849 17001
Bury Yard moated site adjacent to Milldyke1019040TL 32881 44166
Mile Ditches1006787TL 33212 40329
Mile ditches1003552TL 33315 40167
'Castle Hill' earthworks1006913TL 35965 69100
Gannock Grove moated site and hollow-way1010907TL 36712 35464
Prehistoric barrow cemetery and cross dyke in Five Hill Field, 290m south west of Heath Farm1020396TL 38276 41473
Length of Car Dyke between Green End and Top Moor1006813TL 47756 68478
Car Dyke1006930TL 49599 64128
Brent Ditch1006929TL 51078 48062
Fleam Dyke1006931TL 54511 54495
Devil's Ditch, Reach to Woodditton1003262TL 61057 62174
Black Ditches1006065TL 76678 72244
Devil's Dyke (Fossdyke or Fendyke)1004040TL 77110 95405
Bank and ditch NE of London Road1003918TL 86204 82808
Gryme's Dyke at Stanway Green: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019992TL 96071 23299
Gryme's Dyke Middle: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019960TL 96155 24267
Kidman's Dyke North and Middle: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum of Camulodunum1019991TL 96402 23226
The Triple Dyke: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019993TL 96514 24617
Heath Farm Dyke Middle (rear of Alan Way): part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum of Camulodunum1019962TL 96894 23667
Kidman's Dyke in Walk Wood: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum of Camulodunum1019961TL 96972 21445
Lexden Dyke at Spring Meadow: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019965TL 97362 25271
Lexden Dyke Middle: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019966TL 97470 24508
Moat Farm Dyke: a northern extension of Lexden Dyke; part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019964TL 97737 26709
Devil's Ditch1003794TL 98863 82246
Berechurch Dyke: part of the Iron Age territorial oppidum and Romano-British town of Camulodunum1019968TL 99605 21030
Strip lynchets on Stopsley Common1425022TL0976624362
Cursus and five associated ring-ditches at Biggleswade Common1473383TL1935446593
Bran Ditch: an Anglo-Saxon bank and ditch between Fowlmere and Heydon, including an Anglo-Saxon burial ground, a section of medieval lynchet and an Iron Age enclosure1410907TL4173042711
Purlieu Bank, Epping1427620TL4509700262
Earthwork on Broome Heath1003970TM 34313 91237
Cross dyke 330m north west of Whiteways Lodge1015960TQ 00204 11019
War Dyke entrenchment in Whiteways Plantation and South Wood1002983TQ 00451 10478
Lynchets N of Downs Farm1005836TQ 03558 12534
Rackham Banks: A cross dyke and Itford Hill style settlement on Rackham Hill, 900m SSE of Oldbottom Barn1015720TQ 05059 12540
Cross dyke on Springhead Hill, 780m south of Springhead Farm1015723TQ 06140 12597
Prehistoric linear boundary on Wepham Down1015716TQ 06263 09936
Cross dyke on Barpham Hill, 600m north west of Lower Barpham1015715TQ 06659 09622
Linear group of three bowl barrows immediately east of Kithurst Hill car park: part of a dispersed round barrow cemetery on Kithurst Hill1015709TQ 07196 12479
Cross dyke on Chantry Hill, 470m south of Grey Friars Farm1015712TQ 08436 12636
Cross dyke on Sullington Hill, 500m south east of The Chantry1015714TQ 09442 12348
Flint mine and part of a cross dyke 300m south east of Tolmare Farm1015237TQ 11062 08736
Grim's Ditch: section N of Blythwood House1002007TQ 11504 90567
Grim's Ditch: four linear sections between Uxbridge Road and Oxhey Lane1003530TQ 12558 91399
Cross dyke 420m west of Chanctonbury Ring hillfort1015115TQ 13514 12040
Grim's Ditch: section extending 1500yds (1370m) NE from Oxhey Lane1002044TQ 13900 92907
Cross dyke and platform barrow 460m south east of Chanctonbury Ring hillfort1015121TQ 14225 11693
Cross dyke in Court Plantation, 600m south west of Wiston Barn1018568TQ 15328 11391
Cross dyke 760m WNW of Pepperscoombe1015918TQ 16021 10939
Cross dyke on Steyning Round Hill, 700m south west of Pepperscoombe1016235TQ 16351 10243
Barrows and ditches on Steyning Round Hill1005852TQ 16637 10322
Cross dyke on Steep Down, 700m north east of Beggars Bush1018566TQ 16655 07570
Cross dyke on Steep Down, 600m north east of Titch Hill Farm1018565TQ 16870 06888
Linear earthworks in Pear Wood, W of Watling Street1001996TQ 17328 93599
Earthworks near St Giles' Church1005954TQ 19219 58119
Cross dyke on Beeding Hill, 1100m north west of New Erringham Farm Cottages1018567TQ 20745 09130
Cross dyke on Tottington Mount, 550m south east of Tottington Manor Farm1016811TQ 21792 11089
Romano-British farmstead 480m north west of Devil's Dyke Cottages1017649TQ 25573 10669
Devil's Dyke hillfort1014953TQ 25969 11049
Post-medieval stock enclosure at Devil's Dyke1014954TQ 26574 11237
Cross dyke on Newtimber Hill1015717TQ 27588 12318
Cross dyke and bowl barrow 310m south east of Wolstonbury Camp1015226TQ 28582 13420
Earthworks of Surrey Iron Railway1005932TQ 28732 54999
Newe (or Wide) Ditch, Riddlesdown1005553TQ 32305 60571
Prehistoric linear boundary and Bronze Age bowl barrow in Pudding Bag Wood, 350m south of Upper Lodges1020384TQ 32567 09572
Cross dyke in Great Wood, 500m south west of Stanmer House1020385TQ 33196 09246
Medieval earthworks at Balmer1002241TQ 35877 10140
Cross dyke 730m south east of Ditchling Cross1008158TQ 36736 12587
Cross dyke and adjacent saucer barrow 850m south east of Ditchling Cross: part of Plumpton Plain round barrow cemetery1008159TQ 36847 12590
A cross-ridge dyke and part of an adjoining cross-ridge dyke meeting at Juggs Road near Falmer Bottom1013911TQ 37081 07322
Cross dyke on Telscombe Tye1009945TQ 40250 02959
Linear earthwork 230m south west of Covers Farm1017523TQ 43275 53434
A prehistoric linear boundary known as Pook's Dyke and the south eastern part of Itford Hill settlement1014628TQ 44548 05125
Medieval moated site with flanking ditches and associated fishpond, Claverham Manor1012781TQ 53684 09034
Earthwork in Milbay's Wood1005168TQ 67222 50719
Royal Military Canal, Iden Lock to Kent Ditch1002216TQ 93872 24886
Royal Military Canal, Kent Ditch to Heron House, Folkestone1003558TQ 94639 26473
Earthworks in and E of Pandole Wood1002123TQ 96507 99653
Linear earthwork S of village1002262TQ3584807520
Earthworks and lynchets on Buckland Bank and Buckland Hole1002283TQ3708210713
Anglo-Saxon barrow field and prehistoric linear earthwork on Barham Downs1013377TR 20285 51902
Cross dyke on Beachy Brow 30m south east of the golf club1014731TV 58599 98606
Cross dyke on Pashley Hill1013538TV 58800 98294
Aber Bechan DykeMG061
Aber-Naint DykeMG024
Brynbella Mound, and sections of Offas Dyke adjoining it.FL103
Bwlch Aeddan DykeMG100
Bwlch y Clawdd DykeGM500
Bwlch yr Avan DykeGM246
Bwlch-y-Cibau DykeMG077
Carreg-Wiber Bank EarthworkRD031
Cefn Man Moel cross-ridge dykeMM345
Cefn Morfydd Dyke & EarthworkGM264
Cross Ridge Dyke & Cairn on Twyn HywelGM456
Cross Ridge Dyke & Earthwork on Cefn EglwysilanGM452
Crugyn Bank DykeMG062
Dolauhirion, section of Roman road N ofCM366
Dyke 315m E of Tyla-GlasGM260
Dyke 387m E of Clawdd Trawscae FarmGM261
Dyke Near Two TumpsMG063
Enclosure & Earthworks at Lewiston HallPE400
Ffos Toncenglau cross ridge dykeGM118
Gelligaer Common Roman RoadGM556
Hatterrall Hill Cross Ridge DykeMM260
Llandrindod Wells Roman roadRD259
Mynydd Waun Fawr Roman roadMG320
Offa's Dyke Section South of River GwenfroDE183
Offa's Dyke: Brymbo Hill SectionDE109
Offa's Dyke: Cadwgan Hall Section, extending from River Clywedog to the RailwayDE132
Offa's Dyke: Caeau-Gwynion SectionDE133
Offa's Dyke: Chirk Castle Section extending NE from Castle MillDE134
Offa's Dyke: Chirk Park Section extending 340m NE of Home FarmDE198
Offa's Dyke: Chirk Park Section extending NE from the LakeDE135
Offa's Dyke: Cwm SectionMG151
Offa's Dyke: Mellington Hall Section Extending from Mellington Hall Lodge to Lower CwmMG039
Offa's Dyke: Mountain View SectionDE222
Offa's Dyke: North Section at CoedpoethDE182
Offa's Dyke: Pentre SectionMG153
Offa's Dyke: Pentre-Bychan Hall Section, extending 540m S from Bron-WylfaDE137
Offa's Dyke: Plas Power SectionDE139
Offa's Dyke: Section at Pentre FarmMG217
Offa's Dyke: Section E of TrelawnydFL122
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 1125m SW to Gilfach WoodRD020
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 117m NW of ChurchFL022
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 120m from Railway to Bronwylfa Road, LegacyDE194
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 165m S to Fildas Place and thence from Mill stream to Frydd WoodRD016
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 1960m from Yew Tree Farm to Quarries NE of Granner WoodRD022
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 200m S to Pool House, Rhos-y-MeirchRD018
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 202m from River Teme to West StreetRD015
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 2143m S from The Firs, Rhos-y-MeirchRD019
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 3000m SE to Bele Brook, LlandrinioMG033
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 380m from BurfaRD024
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 477m from Coed Talon BanksFL021
Offa's Dyke: Section extending 760m N from centre of Goppas Wood to Hope By-RoadMG034
Offa's Dyke: Section extending through Great Ffrydd Wood 1693m S to footpath leading to Woodhouse LaneRD017
Offa's Dyke: Section from Cwm By-Road to Hem RoadMG037
Offa's Dyke: Section from Ditchyeld Bridge to County BoundaryRD025
Offa's Dyke: Section from Dudston Covert, Lymore to Lack Brook, ChurchstokeMG038
Offa's Dyke: Section from Footpath S of Pen-y-Bryn to OrseddwenDE136
Offa's Dyke: Section from Granner Wood to BurfaRD023
Offa's Dyke: Section from North Lodge, Leighton Park to Old Quarry S of Green WoodMG035
Offa's Dyke: Section from point 90m S of Chirbury Road to S Boundary of Nant-Cribau ParkMG036
Offa's Dyke: Section from Rhydwen-Fach to Coed Pen-y-GelliFL109
Offa's Dyke: Section from Road Junction near Drewin to County BoundaryMG040
Offa's Dyke: Section from Whitton-Presteigne Road to River LuggRD021
Offa's Dyke: Section in Plas Power ParkDE180
Offa's Dyke: Section N & S of Plas-OffaDE138
Offa's Dyke: Section N & S of Tan-y-CutDE140
Offa's Dyke: Section N of Home FarmDE177
Offa's Dyke: Section NE of Welshpool-Churchstoke RoadMG139
Offa's Dyke: Section North of Crown InnFL124
Offa's Dyke: Section North West of Tre Abbot-FawrFL123
Offa's Dyke: Section S from Cae LlewellynDE110
Offa's Dyke: Section S from Pen y CoedDE112
Offa's Dyke: Section S of Aberderfyn RoadDE178
Offa's Dyke: Section S of Bryn yr Owen FarmDE174
Offa's Dyke: Section South of Brymbo CollieryDE185
Offa's Dyke: Section SW from Tatham BridgeDE141
Offa's Dyke: Section W of Court House FarmMG138
Offa's Dyke: Sections extending 675m S from centre of Goppas WoodMG152
Offa's Dyke: Sections N & S of Bryn yr Owen CollieryDE179
Offa's Dyke: South of School HouseMG224
Offa's Dyke: South Section at CoedpoethDE181
Offa's Dyke: Tan-y-Graig SectionFL108
Offa's Dyke: Vron Farm SectionDE113
Offa's Dyke: Vron SectionDE184
Offa's Dyke: Y Gardden Camp SectionDE142
Offa's Dyke:Section N & S of the Circle on Holywell Racecourse, and Circle and Round BarrowFL006
Offa's Dyke; Brompton Bridge section extending from Brompton Bridge to Mellington Hall LodgeMG150
Pen y Gyrn Roman RoadME264
Pen-Twyn EarthworkMM064
Penybont Common Roman road and early turnpike roadRD258
Red Hill Cross Ridge DykeRD183
Rhuddlan Town BanksFL068
Roman Road 300m East of Bryn FarmPE472
Roman Road on Mynydd Illtyd, North-Eastern sectionBR225
Roman Road on Mynydd Illtyd, south-western sectionBR224
Roman Roads and Vicus W of Llanio Roman FortCD120
Town Bank & DitchesMG023
Town Bank and DitchRD050
Ty Lettice Roman roadRD260
Ty-Newydd DykeMG025
Tynewydd Roman roadBR380
Vervil DykeGM465
Wantyn DykeMG208
Wat's Dyke : Section South of Ruthin RoadDE165
Wat's Dyke at Crispin Lane, WrexhamDE286
Wat's Dyke: Garden Village SectionDE221
Wat's Dyke: Section E and SE of Dyke FarmFL089
Wat's Dyke: Section E of HopeFL120
Wat's Dyke: Section extending from Black Brook Bridge to Pentre-ClawddDE154
Wat's Dyke: Section extending from Erddig Park to Middle SontleyDE152
Wat's Dyke: Section extending from Middle Sontley to Black Brook BridgeDE153
Wat's Dyke: Section extending from Pentre-Clawdd to Wynnstay ParkDE155
Wat's Dyke: Section from Bod Offa to Whitehouse FarmFL086
Wat's Dyke: Section from Chester-Holywell Road to Soughton FarmFL083
Wat's Dyke: Section from Coed Llys to Chester-Holywell RoadFL082
Wat's Dyke: Section in Fron TydyrFL081
Wat's Dyke: Section N & E of New BrightonFL085
Wat's Dyke: Section N of Bryn EstynFL118
Wat's Dyke: Section N of Carlton GrangeFL172
Wat's Dyke: Section N of Rhydyn FarmFL119
Wat's Dyke: Section N of the Rectory, HopeFL171
Wat's Dyke: Section NE of Hen-Dy FarmFL088
Wat's Dyke: Section NW of Clawdd OffaFL090
Wat's Dyke: Section SE of Clawdd OffaFL084
Wat's Dyke: Section SE of Meadow MillsFL079
Wat's Dyke: Section SSW of Wrexham Station, 130m LongDE191
Wat's Dyke: Section W of Garreg-LwydFL087
Wat's Dyke: Section W of Ty-GwynDE151
Wat's Dyke: Sections N & S of the CourtDE173
Wat's Dyke: Sections S of Bryn y BalFL121
Wat's Dyke: Two sections between Clawdd Offa & Pigeon House FarmFL091
Aberdeenshire Canal, remains of, Beidleston to Woodland's WoodSM8421
Aberdeenshire Canal, remains of, N and E of Tillybrig Cottage, DyceSM7583
Aberdeenshire Canal, remains of, NW of Brae of KintoreSM7674
Aberdeenshire Canal, remains of, S of DalwearieSM7675
Aberdeenshire Canal, remains of, Station Road, Woodside, AberdeenSM10424
Antonine Wall and fort, 130m NE to 375m WSW of Auchendavie FarmSM7050
Antonine Wall and fort, CastlecarySM90009
Antonine Wall and fort, Gavinburn Bus Depot, Old KilpatrickSM7673
Antonine Wall and fort, railway line to 300m E of Westerwood steadingSM90017
Antonine Wall and fortlet, 430m E to 850m WSW of Kinneil HouseSM2210
Antonine Wall and fortlet, 950m W to 335m ENE of CleddensSM6836
Antonine Wall and Military Way, 515m N of Crofthead CottageSM7551
Antonine Wall and motte, 75m SW of Antonine Primary SchoolSM12373
Antonine Wall and Mumrills fort, Sandy Loan to A905, FalkirkSM8832
Antonine Wall, 120m NE of Balmuildy Cottages to 270m S of BuchleySM7543
Antonine Wall, 120m SSW of Woodside CottageSM12643
Antonine Wall, 160m ENE to 155m NW of St Joseph's ChurchSM12606
Antonine Wall, 170m NNW to 305m NE of Falkirk High SchoolSM8828
Antonine Wall, 185m NNE of Castlecary House HotelSM11638
Antonine Wall, 270m S of Buchley to 25m SW of Buchley LodgeSM7547
Antonine Wall, 300m NW of MilnquarterSM12374
Antonine Wall, 320m S of Inchyra Grange HotelSM12528
Antonine Wall, 375m S of Hungryside to 55m NNE of LeafieldSM7553
Antonine Wall, 75m ESE of CraigellachieSM9721
Antonine Wall, 80m SW of Woodhouse Eaves to Underwood CottageSM7739
Antonine Wall, 80m WSW of Seabegs PlaceSM7744
Antonine Wall, 855m WSW to 605m ENE of Wester ShirvaSM727
Antonine Wall, B802 to N of Cuilmuir View, CroySM7639
Antonine Wall, Balmore Road to SummerstonSM7496
Antonine Wall, Bar Hill, rampart, ditch, fort and Military WaySM90008
Antonine Wall, Beeches Avenue, DuntocherSM7160
Antonine Wall, Callendar Park, FalkirkSM8829
Antonine Wall, camp, fortlet, fort and settlement, Croy HillSM90011
Antonine Wall, Cawder House access road to canal towing pathSM7550
Antonine Wall, Cleddans Burn to Peel Glen RoadSM6838
Antonine Wall, Crow Hill to Balmore RoadSM7479
Antonine Wall, Dalnair to Seabegs Wood, including fortlet and campSM7742
Antonine Wall, Deanfield, Roman temporary camp and annexe 160m NNE ofSM2250
Antonine Wall, E edge of Strone Plantation to Girnal HillSM7074
Antonine Wall, Ferguston Muir to New Kilpatrick CemeterySM7340
Antonine Wall, field boundary S of Boclair to Crow HillSM7480
Antonine Wall, fort and shell middens 240m WSW of The Tower, InveravonSM3209
Antonine Wall, fortlet and camp 130m ESE to 930m NE of The StablesSM7556
Antonine Wall, Girnal Hill to B802 road, CroySM7528
Antonine Wall, Golden Hill Park, Roman fort, annexe and bathhouseSM7070
Antonine Wall, Great Western Road to Mount Pleasant, Old KilpatrickSM7067
Antonine Wall, Iain Road to path N of Westbourne CrescentSM6899
Antonine Wall, Leafield to Forth and Clyde CanalSM7555
Antonine Wall, Lime Road to TamfourhillSM8251
Antonine Wall, Millhall Burn to River AvonSM9728
Antonine Wall, Milnquarter, Roman temporary camp 240m SE ofSM3242
Antonine Wall, N of Alexander Avenue, TwecharSM7052
Antonine Wall, N of Cumbernauld airfield to Wyndford RoadSM90015
Antonine Wall, N of Kinneil Primary SchoolSM11639
Antonine Wall, N of North Dalnottar CemeterySM7066
Antonine Wall, N of Whitehill Avenue, Hillhead, KirkintillochSM90324
Antonine Wall, NE corner of Balmuildy Road to Cawder House accessSM7548
Antonine Wall, New Kilpatrick CemeterySM7341
Antonine Wall, New Kilpatrick Cemetery to field boundary S of BoclairSM7342
Antonine Wall, Peel Glen Road to CastlehillSM6839
Antonine Wall, Peel Park, Roman fort and medieval castleSM7439
Antonine Wall, River Kelvin to 120m NE of Balmuildy CottagesSM7542
Antonine Wall, Roman temporary camp 105m NNW of Holland CottageSM3202
Antonine Wall, Rough Castle fort, annexe and Military WaySM90013
Antonine Wall, Rough Castle to Lime Road, and field systemSM8244
Antonine Wall, Seabegs Wood, rampart, ditch and Military WaySM90014
Antonine Wall, Summerston to River KelvinSM7497
Antonine Wall, SW of Carleith to N of Carleith Primary SchoolSM7069
Antonine Wall, to N and NE of St Flannan's Church, CleddansSM7456
Antonine Wall, Twechar Main Street to Bar HillSM7054
Antonine Wall, W and E of Watling Lodge, TamfourhillSM90016
Antonine Wall, Watling Lodge fortlet, Tamfourhill, FalkirkSM8453
Antonine Wall, Wester Dullatur to East DullaturSM7680
Antonine Wall, Wyndford Road to CastlecarySM90012
Antonine Wall,350m SSE of Inchyra Grange HotelSM5426
Antonine Wall,Bearsden,Roman fortSM3662
Antonine Wall,Inveravon,Roman camps 420m & 730m SE ofSM3210
Antonine Wall,Nether Kinneil-Inveravon,rampart & ditchSM3211
Black Rig, linear earthwork N of Kingside LochSM2534
Borrowston Rig,linear earthwork and hut circlesSM4655
Caledonian Canal, Fort Augustus to Loch NessSM3614
Caledonian Canal, Gairlochy Locks, lighthouse and signal lampSM5294
Caledonian Canal,Banavie to Moy BridgeSM6492
Caledonian Canal,Clachnaharry Sea Lock to Muirtown QuaySM5292
Caledonian Canal,Corpach Locks and BasinSM5297
Caledonian Canal,Corpach to BanavieSM6491
Caledonian Canal,Cullochy LockSM5293
Caledonian Canal,Cullochy Lock to Kyltra LockSM6496
Caledonian Canal,Dochgarroch LockSM5417
Caledonian Canal,Dochgarroch Lock - Muirtown LocksSM6499
Caledonian Canal,Kyltra LockSM5291
Caledonian Canal,Kyltra Lock to Fort AugustusSM6497
Caledonian Canal,Laggan LocksSM5295
Caledonian Canal,Laggan Locks to Loch OichSM6494
Caledonian Canal,Loch Oich to Cullochy LockSM6495
Caledonian Canal,Moy Swing BridgeSM3447
Caledonian Canal,Neptune's Staircase,canal locks,BanavieSM3530
Cammo CanalSM6440
Camp Tops,fort,linear earthwork and field systemSM2106
Camp Tops,linear earthworkSM5187
Castle Dykes,earthwork,RobertonSM2596
Castle O'er, fort and linear earthworksSM651
Cowie Line, pillbox and earthworks 945m SW of StonehouseSM6437
Crinan Canal,Cairnbaan - ArdrishaigSM6501
Crinan Canal,Crinan to CairnbaanSM6500
Danes Dike,earthwork,Fife NessSM6369
Deil's Dike,linear earthwork,Hill of OchiltreeSM1966
Deil's Jingle North, linear earthworkSM4458
Deil's Jingle South, linear earthworkSM4457
Dere Street,Roman road & earthworks,Tow Ford to Blackhall HillSM3294
Dod,earthwork 300m NW ofSM3355
Faldonside to Kippielaw,linear earthworkSM2291
Forth and Clyde Canal: Blairdardie Road - Netherton FarmSM6775
Forth and Clyde Canal: Bowling - Old KilpatrickSM6779
Forth and Clyde Canal: Duntreath Avenue - Blairdardie RoadSM6776
Forth and Clyde Canal: Linnvale - Duntreath AvenueSM6777
Forth and Clyde Canal: Old Kilpatrick - LinnvaleSM6778
Fundhope Rig,homestead,linear earthwork and field systemSM5083
Funzie Girt,dykeSM2101
Green Gairsty, dyke, 740 m E of LangskaillSM10340
Herrits Dyke,linear earthwork 2400m N of Greenlaw,Greenlaw MoorSM371
Hoini to Vaasetter, boundary dyke, Fair IsleSM6582
Holywood,cursus,linear earthwork,pit alignment & enclosures 975m SE ofSM4217
Hownam Rings, fort, settlement, stone row and linear earthworkSM2199
Kincardine Deer Dyke and settlement S of East Burn of CardowanSM7881
Kincardine Deer Dyke and settlements N of Burn of GarrolSM7882
Kingswells, consumption dykes 415m N and 685m NNE of Home FarmSM108
Linglie Hill,linear earthworkSM2298
Loch na h-Airde canal, harbour and noosts, Rubha an Dunain, Isle of SkyeSM13676
Loch of Watsness,linear earthwork W ofSM5524
Loirston Country Park, cairn and dyke 220m NE of Cat CairnSM12342
Middleton Muir,settlements,field systems,cairns and deer dykeSM5396
Monkland Canal, 200m E of Cuilhill Road to West Canal StreetSM11339
Monkland Canal, Coatbank Street to Paddock Street, CoatbridgeSM11342
Monkland Canal, Gartsherrie Branch, SummerleeSM11340
Monkland Canal, Netherhouse Road to Cuilhill RoadSM11334
Monkland Canal, Paddock Street to intersection with North Calder WaterSM11344
Montrose's Camp, earthworkSM10844
Muckle Gairsty, linear earthworks between Viggay Banks and Gairsna GeoSM8645
Old Melrose,linear earthwork 300m W ofSM4018
Outer Cock Law, old roads and linear earthworkSM5006
Parkneuk,Roman signal station,Roman road & camp,rampart & ditchSM2102
Philiphaugh,linear earthworkSM2213
Rough's Cairn, consumption dykesSM43
Scots' Dike, boundary earthwork, Scotsdike PlantationSM660
The Catrail,linear earthwork,350m long,N of Doecleugh HillSM3413
The Catrail,linear earthwork,650m long,on SE slope of White HillSM3457
The Catrail,linear earthwork,Robert's Linn Bridge to Leap BurnSM3466
The Catrail,linear earthwork,SE slope of Singley Brae to Barry SikeSM3495
The Catrail,linear earthwork,W of Leap Burn to 100m E of Langside BurnSM3468
The Cleaven Dyke, cursus & bank barrowSM1602
Tom's Knowe, bank barrow 25m to 350m S of HolmSM4514
Torwoodlee, broch, fort & linear earthworksSM2448
Union Canal, Fountainbridge to River AlmondSM11097
Union Canal, River Almond to River AvonSM8954
Union Canal, River Avon to GreenbankSM8952
Wallace's Trench,linear earthworkSM2248
Wasbister, Stenness - Sandwick parish boundary, earthworkSM7855
Westshiels,spur earthwork 1550m SW ofSM3425
Whitcastle Hill and Todshaw Hill, forts, earthworks, linear earthworksSM2150
Whiteyett, earthworks 575m SSE to 935m S and 650m S to 1060m S ofSM12767
Northern Ireland
17th century garden, walls and canal006:019
Coalisland Canal, eastern portion of canal basin (IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 1(IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 2 (IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 3 (IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 4 (IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 5 (IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 6 (IHR 5141)047:502
Coalisland Canal, Reach 7 (IHR 5141)047:502
Defensive Earthwork005:014
Ford, Associated Earthworks, Mounds & Site of Castle007:027 ETC
Lagan Canal Reach 11 Sec 7009:500
Lagan Canal, Reach 11 - Section 14 (IHR 02680)067:501/009:500
Lagan Canal, Reach 11 - Section 15 (IHR 02680)067:501/009:500
Lagan Canal, Reach 11 - Section 16 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 11 - Section 17 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 12 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 13 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 14 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 15 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 16 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 17 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 18 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 19 (IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 20 - Section 1(IHR 02680)067:501
Lagan Canal, Reach 20 - Section 2 (IHR 02680)067:501/009:500
Lagan Canal, Reach 20 - Section 3 (IHR 02680)009:500
Lagan canal, Reach 21 (IHR 02680)009:500
Lagan Nav. R11 S12067:501
Lagan Nav. Reach 10067:501
Lagan Nav. Reach 11067:501
Large earthwork and enclosure: the Dorsy Entrenchment and Standing Stone028:008/028:023
Linear earthwork visible at several points016:027
Linear earthwork visible at several points033:021
Linear earthwork visible at several points040:012
Linear earthwork visible at several points033:036
Linear earthwork visible at several points033:036
Linear earthwork. "The Black Pigs Dyke"262:029
Linear Earthwork: Danes Cast040:012
NEWRY CANAL REACH 10029:500/046:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 11029:500/46:500
Newry Canal REACH 12029:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 13046:500/029:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 1A029:500&:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 2029:500/046:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 3029:500&:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 6029:500/046:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 7029:500/046:500
NEWRY CANAL REACH 8029:500/046:500
NEWRY CANAL. REACH 5029:500/046:500
Rath and adjoining earthworks: McDonalds Fort049:035
Reach 11 Section 8 Lagan Canal009:500
Reach 11 Section 8 Lagan Canal009:500
Reach 11, Section 11 of Lagan Canal009:500
Reach 11, Section 2 of Lagan Canal009:500
Reach 11, Section 3 of Lagan Canal009:500
Reach 11, Section 4 of Lagan Canal009:500
Reach 11, Section 5 of Lagan Canal009:500
Stone blockhouse and earthwork: Culmore Fort014A:001
Strabane Canal. REACH 1.005:500
Strabane Canal. REACH 2.005:500
Strabane Canal. REACH 3.005:500
The Danes Cast - Linear earthwork visible at several points033:046
The Danes Cast - Linear earthwork visible at several points033:020
The Danes Cast - linear earthwork visible at several points033:029
The Danes Cast - Linear earthwork visible at several points .040:025
The Danes Cast (North) - Linear earthwork visible at several points016:067
The Danes Cast (North) - Linear earthwork visible at several points016:026
The Danes Cast (north) - Linear earthwork visible at several points016:067
The Danes Cast (North) - Linear earthwork visible at several points016:025
The Danes Cast (South) - Linear earthwork visible at several points029:014
The Danes Cast (south) - linear earthwork visible at several points029:001
The Danes Cast (south) - linear earthwork visible at several points029:016
The Danes Cast (south) - linear earthwork visible at several points029:014
The Danes Cast (south) -Linear earthwork visible at several points029:016
The Dases Cast: Linear earthwork visible at several points022:017
The Newry Canal REACH 14029:500
Southern Ireland
BAILE �RTHA� (Kells Upper By.)ME017-049----
BALLINVALLY,GORTEEN (Geashill By.)OF025-015002-
BALLYGRIFFIN (Ballygriffin Par.),LISHEEN (Ballygriffin Par.)TS060-053----
BALLYROAN (Cullenagh By.)LA024-001002-
BISHOPSLAND (Ballymore Eustace ED)KD029-039----
BOLEY UPPERLA023-020002-
COOLEAGH (Cooleagh Par.)TS062-059004-
COOLEAGH (Cooleagh Par.)TS062-059005-
CORK GREATDU026-124----
CORRY (Roscommon By.)RO011-080----
CURRAGH (Ballysax East ED)KD022-051----
CURRAGH (Ballysax East ED)KD023-051----
GARRANES (Kinalmeaky By.)CO084-148----
KILCREEN (Crannagh By.)KK019-022004-
LYRATH (Gowran By., Clara ED)KK020-030003-
NEWTOWN (Clanmallagh By.)LA035-018002-
PARK UPPERLA014-027002-
SHANBALLYDUFF (Dangandargan Par.)TS068-027001-