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Old Sarum Lidar Map

This is a new interactive 3D Old Sarum LiDAR Map survey with full mouse control of view angle and zoom features.

We are able to offer LiDAR maps of any area of the UK for just £19.95 per data tile. These 25 sq. km tiles (as used on this website) are fully formatted and ready to publish or view using the FREE 3D viewing software provided worth over £100. All we need is the coordinates of the area you require and we will send you the Data tile that covers that area – for more information, click HERE or on the LiDAR picture above.

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Use mouse and Left hand click to PAN – Mouse and RIGHT hand Click to move UP and Down – and Wheel to zoom in the 3D Image BELOW! Its 125Mb file so may take a minute to download…. please be patient!